10 Apartment Décor Ideas to Adopt This Season

Apartment decorating ideas

Summer is upon us, and nothing brings the coziness of warm days and long nights like an update to your home décor. Coming back to a dreary, dull apartment after a day of fun in the sun is a major bummer. Adding some decorative items to celebrate the season is the perfect way to transform your apartment to match the warm, optimistic vibes of the season. Brighten up your apartment with our summer apartment décor Ideas.

If you don’t know where to start decorating for summer, there’s no need to panic. Implementing our top ten home décor ideas is an exciting way to make your apartment design summer-ready.

Adorn With Fresh Flowers

Adorn your Livingroom with fresh flowers

Whether purchased at the grocery store or foraged in the backyard, fresh flowers are a staple of home décor items during the summer. To get the most out of this design element, we recommend opting for vibrant pinks, yellows, and oranges to bring bursts of color to every corner of your apartment.

Swap In Light, Flowing Curtains

Let the sunshine into your apartment all day long by swapping heavy, thick curtains in common areas with transparent fabric. Sheer, linen curtains can add an airy and laid-back feel to your flat’s interior design. Other fabric options include lace or chiffon. 

Hang Window Crystals

Hanging window crystals

Fill your apartment with miniature rainbows by hanging a wind chime or reflecting crystals near your more spacious windows. This can double as a fun science lesson for the children in your life on how rainbows naturally form.

Bring The Beach To Your Bathroom

Apartment bathrooms are not known for being spacious, yet they serve as an excellent opportunity to extend summer home design ideas to every corner of your apartment. From seashells to twine and nautical themes, there are so many ways to give your apartment’s bathroom beachy vibes beyond the sand you’ll wash off in the shower.

Incorporate Natural Patterns

Beautiful cushions on soda

Patterns featuring foliage, flowers, and earthy tones are all home decoration ideas that add a naturalistic elegance to your apartment’s design. Natural patterns create a relaxing sanctuary to unwind in after a long day of summer barbecues and pool parties. We recommend keeping the color scheme of these patterns more down to earth to allow for bursts of color in other design elements.

Update Your Bar Cart 

Room decoration ideas are most effective when they also serve a function. Enhancing your bar cart is a great way to make sure you’re fully stocked and ready to serve up all the cool and refreshing beverages that come with summer. Whether you love margaritas or a simple glass of wine, having the right glassware and garnishing is a great way to treat yourself like a guest in your apartment.

Use Seasonal Fruit as Kitchen Décor

Fruit basket on kitchen table
Picture of the big bright kitchen with white and brown cupboards with yellow pineapple tea kettle, white pepper mill and metal hanging with fruits

Seasonal fruits, when displayed in a bowl or basket, are also functional small home décor items. Lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits look lovely while helping you and your family get the nutrients and flavor you need throughout the hot summer months.

Paint Patio Furniture for A Summer Refresh

If your apartment comes equipped with a back porch or patio, finally busting out your outdoor furniture after a long winter is a thrilling experience. Fresh paint is an easy addition to your home décor items list. Whether your furniture is metal, wooden, or plastic, a fresh paint job can have it looking brand new. We recommend white, pink, blue, or yellow to enhance your outdoor relaxation.

Showcase Real Tropical Plants

Fresh plants

Plants are some of our favorite home décor products for summer. They are easier to keep alive during summer’s more temperate months and enhance any apartment’s interior design. Plants have also been proven to boost our moods and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Pothos, cacti, aloe Vera, and snake plants are all great choices for those with little to no experience caring for plants. 

Add Bold and Bright Accents 

Your summer apartment decorating is not complete without colorful accents in the form of throw pillows, knickknacks, or wall art. You can add as many or as few elements as fits your personality and preferences. These bright and decorative items for your living room will put a smile on your face the moment you walk in your front door.

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Whatever the scale and style of your apartment, getting the most out of your summer has never been easier. Homeloft has everything from wall art to furniture and more to get your apartment looking brighter than a summer day. Explore our online store and kickstart decorating for the season. 


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