10 Best Jewelry Storage Ideas to Stay Organized

Beautiful earing & bracelet

As much as everyone loves their jewelry, one of the biggest problems in any home is storage. With so many delicate trinkets, how can you store everything safely? There are plenty of options available, but many of them fail to match the aesthetic of your beloved space. Check out these jewelry storage ideas to find inspiration for your home.

Bed Trays

If you happen to have or are thinking of buying a bed tray, know that they work for more than laptops! When you’re done working, you can lay tomorrow’s jewelry out on your handy bed tray and have it ready for the morning.

Clear Makeup Organizers

In spite of their name, makeup organizers work wonders for jewelry. These vessels come pre-divided into clear sections, which allow you to see what’s stored inside. More importantly, these simple storage options can be mixed and matched as needed.

Makeup Organizers

A sturdy clear acrylic makeup organizer offers the visibility of leaving your jewelry out without taking up the same amount of space. There are many shapes and sizes available, including this curved organizer, and these are also great earring storage ideas.

Cosmetic Organizers

In addition to acrylic or glass organizers, many manufacturers produce nifty modern solutions for cosmetic storage. These pieces feature plenty of drawers, cubbies, and hidden spaces to store powders, balms, and sprays. However, they may just be the best way to store jewelry! Drawers can be used for necklaces and large bracelets, while earrings get tucked away in pockets and slots.

Cosmetic Organizers

Decorative Hooks

Some gorgeous wrought iron hooks (or any hook, for that matter!) are great necklace storage ideas. When hung from a hook, necklace chains stay straight, and you’ll rarely see a pesky tangle. The verticality of a hook also means that you’ll have plenty of space in drawers and nightstands for your other accessories.

Decorative Boxes

Decorative boxes of any material are great ways to keep jewelry safe. Whether you opt for a cool jewelry box or a stylish antique vessel, you’re sure to find something that fits your style. Some may include a built-in jewelry organizer, while others can be repurposed. For example, some cigar boxes can be recycled for your jewelry, and the stunning designs on top make for wonderful statement pieces in any room.

Decorative Jewelry Box


It’s cliché, but every drawer can be a jewelry drawer. However, you obviously can’t throw it all in at once! The best way to store jewelry is with a bit of foresight. To avoid tangles and scratches, consider finding a drawer organizer. Even cutlery organizers are great picks for jewelry drawers, as the large sections give every piece plenty of space.

Jewelry Boxes

The most traditional way to organize your accessories is a jewelry box. While old-fashioned aesthetic jewelry boxes featured elaborate designs and sturdy construction, many modern jewelry boxes now feature minimalist designs and adjustable sizing.

For smaller items or less extensive collections, a tiny jewelry box will suffice.

Jewelry Storage ideas

Makeup Bags

If you’re often on the go, your handy makeup bag will work wonders for your jewelry collection. While a bag is nowhere near as sturdy as the best jewelry box, it’s a dynamic solution for an on-the-go fashionista. Depending on the size and make, many makeup bags need minimal adjustments beyond separating long chains!


A pretty jewelry box will only hold so much.

Eventually, you’ll run out of room. If you’re looking for ways to keep your assorted accessories safe, small drawstring pouches provide a mix of aesthetic appeal and functional protection. Once you’ve stored your baubles away, the strings can be used to hang each pouch for a boho look.



If you’re trying to move your jewelry around or have a few frequently used pieces, a tray is a great pick! Simply lay out your necklaces and arrange your other bits and baubles out flat, and you have an entire jewelry set ready to go! If you’re wondering how to organize jewelry in a tray, you can use a desk drawer jewelry organizer. Some vendors even sell purpose-built jewelry tray organizers.

No matter what you pick, you’re sure to find ways to elevate your jewelry storage. With some clever arranging, even the simplest solutions can become elegant display pieces!

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