10 Best Office Decor Ideas to Make the Workplace Feel Friendlier

10 Best Office Decor Ideas to Make the Workplace Feel Friendlier

Many people think of the office as a boring, almost clinical environment, but yours can be different. Here are our ten favorite ideas for office space that will turn your office into a comfortable and even luxurious place! Here are office décor tips for a welcoming workplace

1. Keep Organized

Though it’s easy to let clutter build up in your office, all those odds and ends strewn around will make the space feel chaotic and stressful. Consider investing in some racks, hooks, or shelves to keep everything tidy!

2. New Furniture

When it comes to office décor, even simple things like the furniture you choose can make a difference. A new, comfy chair or even something as small as a new, trendy doorstop will make your office seem that much friendlier.

New Furniture

3. Lighting Colors

Rather than the harsh overhead lighting you may be used to, experiment with different colors, especially warmer tones.

4. Lighting Fixtures

In a similar vein, try changing up the lighting fixtures you use in favor of some new, trendy office décor. 

Lighting Fixtures

5. Office Wall Décor

A painting here and a few nature photos there give your office a refined, relaxing vibe, so if you want to improve the work environment without taking up too much space, wall art is the way to go.

6. Smaller Décor Items

Keep organized with a pencil holder, pick up a novelty pen or two, and toss in a desk toy for simple office décor that makes your office feel much more approachable.

7. Add Some Wooden Elements

Wooden elements can be used to establish a rustic vibe that employees and visitors alike will feel at home in!

Some Wooden Elements

8. Add Some Shelving

Whether it’s for books, souvenirs, or a few of your favorite curios, a shelf is a perfect place to turn your hobbies and interests into office decoration items, making you seem much easier to approach and relate to.

9. Pay Attention to Small Elements

We mentioned door stoppers before, but they aren’t the only small décor element that goes overlooked. While they may not have much impact on their own, these small elements will work together to reinforce that relaxed vibe you’re after, so be sure to give them some attention.

10. Feel Free to Experiment

There’s no right or wrong way to put together your office décor, so don’t be afraid to play around with your options for a bit. Eventually, you’ll find the perfect aesthetic for your office décor, as well as the items you need to create it!

Feel Free to Experiment

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