10 Best Storage Tips for Using Your Closet Space Effectively

Best Storage Tips for Using Your Closet Space Effectively

Storing clothes in small spaces can be difficult to do well, often leading to a cluttered closet. However, there are a number of ways you can both open up your storage space and make it easier to navigate. Here are 10 tips for organizing your closet space effectively!

1. Add Shelves & Don’t Forget Floor Space

Rather than let your odds and ends spread out across the room, try moving your storage up. You’ll be able to keep your closet more organized and conserve floor space.

2. Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry often carries some sort of sentimental value, but with most pieces being small, they’re also easily lost. Use jewelry boxes to keep all your valuables in one convenient place.

3. Subtle Storage Containers

Start filling in those nooks and crannies with some low-profile storage containers. Spaces such as closet corners or underneath the bed can be used to free up a bit of space.

Storage Containers

4. Free Up Some Space

Chances are, you aren’t regularly wearing every item in your wardrobe. After all, they go in and out of season. If you don’t need certain types of clothing, store them in the attic until you do, freeing up your closet space.

5. Organize Storage Cabinets

It’s easy for cabinets to become cluttered, but this often leads to a lot of wasted space. Be sure your cabinets are neatly sorted so that you can best utilize the space.

Organize Cabinets

6. Group Similar Items

We’ve all put something in storage and then forgotten where we kept it. It’s frustrating, but fortunately, it’s easy to prevent. Just keep all items of a similar type together in one labeled container, and you’ll be able to locate them easily when you need them.

Group Similar Items

7. Keep Favorites at the Front

If you find yourself wearing certain clothing items more than others, keep them in an easy-to-reach spot! This is more convenient and keeps you from having to undo your organization to find an item.

Keep Favorites at the Front

8. Shelf Boxes

To get the most out of tips #1 and #6, invest in some shelf boxes! This will keep your floors open and your shelves neat.

9. Follow the Color Coding

On the note of labeled containers, a color coding system will make items easy to locate at a glance! We recommend using this in conjunction with tip #6.

Color Coding

10. Remember Aesthetics

An organized space doesn’t have to be boring! When implementing these tips, be sure to do it in a way that makes your bedroom look and feel great to be in.

Learn more about keeping your space beautiful and organized, and find décor and accessories when you shop with us online!

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