10 Essentials to Design the Perfect Home Office for You

Woman is working from home

If you work from home, your office space should be just as awe-inspiring as the rest of your home décor. Office décor can inspire productivity and create a sense of accomplishment right at your home desk. 

While it’s easy to slump on the couch or in bed when you work from home, setting up a workspace is a great way to keep a strong work-life balance. Whatever field you work in, we have some home office ideas that are sure to inspire and motivate you throughout your work day. 

Adjustable Desk & Ergonomic Chair 

Adjustable ergonomic desk for home office

When it comes to your workspace, it’s important to take your long-term comfort and health into consideration. 

You need a surface that is just as dynamic and flexible as you. Adjustable desks allow you to stand and sit at your preference. Sedentary jobs can take a tremendous toll on your body, and adjustable desks are designed to remedy this.

Your desk chair is arguably the most important piece of furniture in your home office, even more, important than your desk. Depending on your unique weaknesses throughout your own body, you should carefully research before selecting the best chair for you. From back support to adjustable heights, there’s something out there for every body type.

Cozy Rug Floor

Beautiful cozy rug below office desk

The best part of working from home? You don’t need to put on shoes. Placing a cozy plush rug on the floor of your office is a great way to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day while adding a sense of warmth to your office space. 

Filing Cabinet for Home Office

Your home office design is not complete without a place to store all of the important documents attached to your day-to-day operations. Being able to quickly access important information is invaluable, and an alphabetized filing cabinet makes this a reality. A departure from tired steel designs of the past, many filing cabinets are now available in classic wooden styles. This can add an earthy calming feel to your office design which can help improve your workflow.

Green Plants: Mood Booster

Plants in home office room

Your home office setup should serve as a sanctuary for your workday, and what better way to achieve this than with plants? Green plants serve as natural air purifiers while boosting your mood and reducing stress and anxiety. With so much to be done day in and day out, let your home office decor add a bit of peace and serenity to your day.

Paper Shredder & Printer

When important documents have reached their expiration date, simply throwing them away can be a major liability. You should have a paper shredder on hand to keep confidential information away from prying eyes.

You will also want to have a printer with scanning capabilities to complete the same tasks you would every day at the office. 

Inspirational Wall Art

Beautiful wall art

Nothing pushes you to keep going, even on the hardest of work days, quite like a motivational quote or image. Wall art for the office space should elevate your mood and encourage you to do your best. With so many words of inspiration available, it’s important to choose imagery or phrases that resonate with you.

Pencil & Pen Holder

A cute vase, cup, or mason jar is an exciting way to store all of the pens, pencils, highlighters, and markers you will utilize throughout your workday.

Lightweight Curtains

Lightweight curtains in home office

Curtains that allow light into the room are the best of the small home office ideas we have to offer. Sunlight not only boosts your mood, but also provides natural lighting for your virtual meetings, so you’re always camera ready.

Family Portraits 

Loved ones motivate us to do and be our best. Why not fill your office with photographs of happy memories? This is a surefire way to get the most out of your work day, every day.

Cute Wastebasket 

Having an adorable place to put your trash is yet another way to add your personality to your home office. Whether you DIY your trash bin into a classic Starbucks cup or opt for a vintage floral pattern, there are so many ways to leave your mark on this small detail. 

Get to Work From Home With Homeloft

Home office setup

Office décor ideas for work have never been easier than now, thanks to Homeloft. Find all your interior design favorites, all in one convenient location. From office furniture to wall art, we have everything you need to design the office of your dreams.

For more inspiring office décor ideas, visit our online store.  


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