10 Gift Exchange Ideas That Your Friends Will Love

Friends seating on sofa with gifts in hand

While gift-giving can be a wonderful part of the winter season, choosing the right gift for each of your friends can be stressful. Fortunately, there are several ways you can make sure everyone you care about receives a meaningful gift without calling for too much planning. If you’re planning a party, take a look at these easy gift exchange ideas. You’ll surely find something that fits your friend group.

1- Gift Card Exchange

If your friend group is difficult to shop for, consider taking the simple route with a gift card exchange. Have everyone who will be attending your party purchase a gift card at a certain price range, then exchange them amongst the rest of your group. Let everyone exchange as many times as they want until everyone has a gift card to a store or restaurant they go to.

2- Crafted Gift-Giving

Exchanging homemade gifts can be a great group gift idea, especially if you and your friends are short on money. This is one of the best gift exchange ideas you can try. Because not only does it simplify gift-giving, but it also gives your guests something fun to do at your party. All you need to do is set up a crafting station for your friends and allow everyone to create something fun to exchange later on.

3- White Elephant 

Friends giving gifts to each other

A white elephant gift exchange is one of the best ways to enjoy casual gift-giving. This exchange game involves having everyone in your group buy a gag gift item and wrap it. At your party, have everyone take turns picking a gift and unwrapping it. Not only will white elephant gifts earn a lot of laughs, but your guests can exchange them back and forth until everyone has something they like.

4- Treasure Hunt Game

For a more active gift-giving game, a treasure hunt can be a lot of fun. For this game, have everyone bring a small gift to your party. Take time to hide each item throughout the designated party area, but make sure your guests don’t see your hiding places. From there, allow everyone to look around for a gift. To make sure everyone gets something, have each participant stop searching as soon as they find one item.

5- Grab Bag

Grab bags are a great way to make gift-giving simple. If you’re having a gift exchange party with your friends, have everyone purchase a gift within a certain price range. Set up a large box or bag in your party area. Have all of your guests leave their wrapped gifts in the box or bag. From there, allow each of your guests to grab one surprise present.

6- Dice Gifting Game

Man opening gifts

If you’re looking for fun family gift ideas for your relatives, consider making a game out of the gift-giving process. A dice game can help keep your guests engaged for as long as everyone wants the game to proceed. Your gift-giving dice game can be as simple or detailed as you want, so explore your options and design a game all your guests are going to enjoy.

7- Give an Experience

Collecting more clutter in their homes might not be ideal for your friends. If you’re looking for a gift-giving idea that will give everyone something they’ll actually use, try gifting your guests with an experience. Instead of a physical gift, have each of your party attendees buy access to a fun event. For example, you might suggest that your guests buy a spa day, a pass to a museum, or a trip to a restaurant. At the party, everyone can exchange experiences.

8- Food or Drink Exchange

For friend groups that really enjoy eating and drinking, try a food and drink gift exchange. Have everyone buy an edible or drinkable item (for example, a bottle of wine or a platter of cookies). At your party, have everyone lay out their items on a table or display, then let each of your guests choose a food or drink item that they’ll enjoy.

9- Joint Gifts

Girls giving a joint gift

If you’re planning an exchange with your colleagues, one of the best work gift exchange ideas involves contributing to a joint gift. Instead of buying something small for each of your co-workers, talk with your team about everyone contributing to a joint gift. You might choose to purchase a new coffee machine to put in your breakroom. That way, everyone can enjoy it for years to come.

10- Game or Movie Night Gifts

Another way to make an experience out of your gift-giving is to go with a fun theme. You might choose to host a movie night or game night with your friends, for instance. In this scenario, you can have everyone buy one item for the event (such as popcorn, a game, sodas, etc.) and bring it to the party. From there, everyone can use the party items to have a good time. 

Bringing a bit of fun and creativity to your gift exchanges can take a lot of stress out of the process. If you’re going to host a gift-giving party this season, take it easy on yourself by making a game out of exchanging presents.

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