10 Minimalist Kitchen Designs for a Beautiful Home

Beautiful green kitchen

When redecorating your home, a minimalist kitchen designs is an easy way to make the area timeless while creating more room for space for utensils and appliances. The best kitchen designs are as functional as they are breathtaking. 

What Is a Minimalist Kitchen Designs?

Putting the focus on necessities for a kitchen allows you to get the most out of meal time.  This style of design uses muted colors, crisp lines, and the inclusion of only the bare essentials to create a neutral kitchen. This unique design style also creates an opportunity to do more with less. Get creative with hidden storage, draw eyes to an eye-catching house plant, and more.

Our top kitchen minimalist designs can help you create the perfect aesthetic kitchen for your home.

Modern Style Minimalism

Modern style kitchen

This design comes to life with high-end materials like glass, stainless steel, and quartz countertops. Appliances are tucked away in minimalist kitchen cabinets to draw attention to sleek lines and the absence of clutter.

Handless Kitchen Cabinet Inspiration

One of the hallmarks of the minimalist design technique is versatile storage. Implementing kitchen cabinets free from handles creates clean lines that create a sense of calm and relaxation. They also make it easier than ever to tuck away kitchen appliances and utensils when they are not being used. 

Warm Natural Textures

Warm natural kitchen

Minimalist designs can come across as cold and sterile. The addition of natural textiles and live plants can help remedy this. Live plants can also naturally purify the air you breathe and have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, two states that run rampant during more involved meal preparations. 

Copper Accents

Copper accents are another way to elevate your neutral color palette naturally. This classic metal is commonly used for cookware and kitchen utensils, making it easy to add a touch of shine to your kitchen design. 

Statement Tile

Statement style kitchen

Adding an alternating tile to your minimalist kitchen’s backsplash is a great way to add a statement to your kitchen. Because the tile is bold in comparison to the kitchen’s more neutral color and texture palette, the eye will naturally gravitate towards the decorative backsplash, serving as an organic conversation starter with family members and guests. 

Burst of Color

The more extroverted among us dread the thought of a neutral and colorless space, making a burst of color the only option when executing a minimalist kitchen design. Sage kitchen cabinets are bold and inviting, especially when accompanied by bright and sunny canary yellow. This space inspires gratitude and alertness while offering the calming feel-good vibes minimalist designs are notorious for. 

Reclaimed Wood

Wooden kitchen

Wood, like live plants and copper accessories, adds a natural touch to your neutral color palette. No matter your color scheme, there is a type of wood that will elevate your design. 

Subway Tile Backsplash

This classic kitchen design choice brings a bit of New York City into your home, no matter where you are.


All White Design

White kitchen

The color white, when used en mass in a kitchen design, creates a clean and inviting atmosphere. Be sure to thoughtfully select your decorative elements so as not to clash with your spotless white space. 

Parisian Glamour

An understated and minimalist design does not have to be boring. In the case of this design, it can even borrow elements from other designs to create something glamorous and sophisticated. Gold accents paired with textured seating, metallic lighting fixtures, and subtle floral arrangements create a cool yet inviting kitchen space. 

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Minimalist Kitchen Designs

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