10 Space-Saving Small Dining Room Ideas

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Whether you live in an apartment or a small to midsized home, small dining room ideas may be essential. With limited space for cooking and meal preparation, the main focus of your dining room décor may be on doing more with less.

Our 10 dining room inspirations and dining room décor ideas will elevate the look and feel of your small kitchen space. 

Install Shelving Instead of Cabinets

One of our best small dining room ideas involves storing kitchen utensils and appliances on shelving rather than inside cabinets. While cabinets take up a lot of vital space, shelving can be placed directly onto free areas of wall space. Shelves are the epitome of doing less with more.

Select A Compact Dining Table

Small Dining Room Ideas

A small kitchen table is essential to keep a tight space from feeling completely overrun. Your space-saving kitchen table can come in your preferred shape, be it a circle or a rectangle. The key is making sure its size does not exceed one-third of the overall dimensions of your desired dining area. 

Use Folding Seating

While a small dining table can work wonders, seating that folds away and becomes part of the wall is another great way to get the most out of your space. Foldable seating allows you to push your table against the wall when you are not entertaining company. It creates more room for your daily activities.

Set Aside A Distinct Space

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Dining room ideas only take you so far if you have not clearly defined the dimensions of your dining area. Using a rug to define the space can make it easier to choose the perfect dining table for your small space while maintaining a consistent nook. Your space-saving dining table is not meeting its intended purpose when it spills beyond the boundaries of your defined space, so set aside how much space you want your furniture to take up and stick to it. 

Downsize Kitchenware

There’s no point in having 35 unique silverware sets if you have nowhere to store them. Downsizing your kitchen utensils and appliances is a great way to keep your small space pristine. Rather than throwing away, we highly recommend donating your used kitchenware to a local resale shop or nonprofit organization.

Build a Booth

Cozy dining ideas

Take a narrow dining table to a cozy new level by bringing your favorite restaurant dining experience home. Booths are naturally small and compact, which is perfect for a space that already demands small dining room tables. Even if you lack DIY skills, constructing this unique kitchen table for small spaces is easy enough with the proper preparation

Install Hooks

Hooks are a great way to hang pots, utensils, and mugs that would otherwise clutter your already overflowing shelves and drawers. Hooks are particularly great if you have kitchenware that is from unique places, is eclectic, or complements your overall dining room aesthetics.

Try Banquette Seating

Banquette seating is perfect for small spaces as well as encouraging conversation. Because this type of seating can be pushed right up against the wall, it assists in making a table setting fit in a more compact space. 

Keep Tables and Countertops Clear

We are all guilty of throwing our belongings onto tables and countertops after a long day. This is, however, a huge no-no in tight spaces. The best way to combat this fate is to create places for your belongings to be stored. By assigning everything a place, it is easier to keep things clean and organized, even when life gets busy. 

Use A Bench

Dining table with bench

A bench, similar to banquette-style seating, can be pushed underneath your table or up against the wall when it is not being used. This creates more space for your day-to-day life when you aren’t enjoying meals, which is vital when living in a smaller space. 

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