10 Tricks Interior Designers Use to Make Homes Look More Expensive

10 Tricks Interior Designers Use to Make Homes Look More Expensive

Picture this: you have your dream home planned out down to the smallest detail. The flooring, the trim, the decor, everything. There’s just one problem: interior design can get expensive and fast. Though some people view the cost as prohibitive, that’s not always the case. There are plenty of ways on how to make your home look expensive and great on a budget as long as you know what to look for, and you don’t have to hire interior designers to do it!

Here are ten interior design tips you can use to achieve your home decorating budget that is perfect, expensive-looking homes without breaking the bank.

1. Keep it simple – Minimalistic decor

Sure, mahogany trim, marble flooring, and a crystal chandelier definitely make for a luxurious environment, but they don’t come cheap. Fortunately, there’s another way to achieve this luxurious feel: opt for a more minimalistic approach. While classy, high-dollar décor shows your high-brow taste, a minimalist design displays an ability to use each design element effectively, something that most associate with more expensive décor items.

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For the perfect minimalistic interior décor, you’ll want to do a bit of planning. First, decide on a two-tone color scheme. Perhaps one of the most important parts of a simple aesthetic in home décor budget is the effective use of color, as using too many will quickly cause a design to become overwhelming. These color schemes typically use white as a base, with gray, black, or steel blue home décor accents giving things a bit of contrast.

2. Clear Up Some Space

When you think of a luxury house, you probably think of huge, open rooms and soaring ceilings. A more open design goes hand-in-hand with the minimalist aesthetic, as ultimately, your goal is to make the most of your available space, so each design choice must be intentional.

If you plan to purchase new furniture for redecorating, consider what each piece will contribute to the design as a whole and give life to your inexpensive decorating ideas. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep a large amount of free space in your home, making things feel open and luxurious.

3. Add Some Wall Art

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Though an open space will make your home look more expensive, it can sometimes feel a bit empty. By putting up some wall art, you can give the environment a bit of extra substance without having to worry about taking up floor space. The HomeLoft catalog has plenty of wall art options available, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect piece for the aesthetic you’ve created.

4. Try A Fresh Coat of Paint

A room that seems dull and drab may only need a different color scheme to become the perfect, luxurious space you’ve always wanted. For example, having a dark base color makes most rooms feel much smaller than they actually are, while lighter tones create a sense of openness.

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Most designers recommend starting with a neutral base color, but as for the secondary color, the choice is entirely up to you. No matter what you decide on, bringing some fresh color into your home will revitalize the space, making it look and feel like a luxurious, high-dollar retreat.

5. Bring in More Lighting

Poorly-lit rooms often feel cramped, hard to navigate, and unpleasant to be in, so the importance of balanced lighting can’t be stressed enough. Fortunately, it’s not a very difficult issue to resolve, and the result is well worth the effort. Brightening up a room can be achieved in a number of ways, such as simply clearing up space around your windows to allow more light in or even installing a new light fixture!

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6. Swap Out Some Hardware

Though they often go overlooked, hardware pieces such as doorknobs and cabinet handles can serve as decorative accessories in their own right.

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As always, consider the feeling you’ve already established in your home, how you want to change it, and what you can do to make that change. For example, if you want your kitchen to feel more minimalistic, that shiny gold hardware probably has to go. Glossy black or dull silver metals will make for an excellent replacement, creating a sense of sleekness and refinement.

7. Add a Few Decorative Pieces

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Trendy home decor pieces lighten up the mood without drawing too much attention. A piece such as a vase can pad out some excess room in the area, keeping things interesting and leaving plenty of space. To make the vase seem a bit more natural, you can toss in pebbles, filler balls, or cloth flowers, which bring a pop of color and energy.

If vases aren’t your thing, sculptures are also an excellent option. The type of sculpture you choose can help further shape a room’s aesthetic, as well as be a point of interest and discussion for guests.

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Finally, decorative pillows can be used to make couches and beds feel a bit more complete and provide an extra comfortable cushion.

8. Modify Your Doors

Want to bring a bit of modern appeal to your home? Sliding doors are a smooth, convenient solution. Going for a more luxurious angle? Folding doors are instant attention-grabbers and are sure to wow your guests, while adding windows to the standard swinging door creates a freer environment. Like every aspect of interior design, you have all the options you’ll need to find the perfect doors for your home.

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9. Appeal to Other Senses

A good home design doesn’t have to focus exclusively on the eyes. Many of the most luxurious interior designs choose to create a pleasant experience for the ears and nose as well. By burning a candle or using a diffuser, you can spread calming aromas throughout the house, putting you and your guests completely at ease.

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10. Be Sure to Coordinate

Most importantly, a designer should be aware of how different colors, accents, and décor pieces interact with each other to form the aesthetic as a whole. Throughout the interior décor design process, take note of the aesthetic you want, how it lines up with the aesthetic that’s being implemented, and how each new piece will impact this aesthetic.

If you need a place to buy trendy home décor, look no further than HomeLoft! We’re just as passionate about interior décor design as you and want to make high-quality décor, accents, and accessories available to everyone. We’re a brand that prides itself on our commitment to the customer, quality, and affordability, so when you choose to shop with us, you can rest assured that you’ll be thrilled with your new home décor.

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