5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Transform the Space

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling a bathroom while on a budget may seem challenging at first, but by understanding what makes a great bathroom design, you can make the process simple and exciting. Though the best décor choices are largely up to personal preference, a bit of outside inspiration never hurts, so keep reading for our top five bathroom remodeling ideas!

1. Find the Right Fixtures

From sink basins to showerheads, a well-placed bathroom fixture will bring the space to life, creating a polished, well-kept look. In addition, the color and metal you decide on will affect the overall aesthetic, giving you an opportunity to reinforce the existing style or introduce some contrast. Though it may seem like an extremely minor adjustment, the right fixture in the right place will bring out the best in any bathroom, creating an environment that you and your guests will love.

2.  Update the Lighting

Finding the right lighting fixtures for your bathroom is just as important as the lighting itself. As with any fixture, you’re best off choosing something that matches other design elements in your bathroom. From sleek, modern chrome to luxurious vintage designs, the perfect bathroom lighting fixture is waiting for you!

bathroom lighting fixture

3. Use Vanity Lights

Framing your mirror with vanity lights will not only create a glamorous Hollywood vibe but brighten up the environment as well. By adding more bathroom light fixtures, you can make even the smallest bathroom seem spacious and opulent, especially when combined with a light color scheme as well as glass tiles and flooring. You’ll notice the difference immediately, and will be able to relax in your bathroom easier than ever!

4. Stylize Your Storage

Aside from proper lighting, one of the best ways to make your room seem bigger is to keep things organized. By reducing the amount of clutter in your bathroom, you can free up an incredible amount of space, and with decorative storage containers, you have both a great way to stay organized and the perfect home accent. 

Stylize Your Storage

5. Find the Perfect Tap

Chances are, if you’re in the bathroom, you’re going to use the tap at some point, so finding a design that fits into your bathroom’s aesthetic is extremely important. There’s an extremely wide variety of tap designs available, so you can go as simple or ornate as you’d like. Whether you’re going for the vibe of a comfy home, relaxing spa, or luxurious five-star hotel, your tap will bring the bathroom design together!

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