5 Boho Living Room Décor Ideas for Your Home

Boho Living Room Décor

Boho: a style of design drawing on various bohemian and hippie designs and styles. Boho is a design that just keeps coming back, better and stronger than before, with a wider range of influences and stronger design trends. If you’re looking to make yourself a modern boho living room, then you’ve come to the right place: We’ll give you all the boho living room decor ideas you need!

Textured Cushions

Textured cushions are a major feature in boho room design. Whether you want a minimalist, modern boho living room or something more retro and old-school, textured cushions with bohemian designs and warm colors are always an excellent choice. These can take even a basic couch and make it seem perfect in your boho room design.

Boho Living Room Décor: textured cushions

Warm Woods

Whether it’s a table, a piece of boho chic décor, or the frame of a couch, warm woods are the way to go in boho designs. They amplify the natural aesthetic of boho and compliment the warm colors of bohemian paints and designs excellently.

Plants and Greenery

Alongside the abundance of warm colors, boho rooms love house plants and greenery. Even if you’re looking for a bohemian, modern living room, you can never go wrong with an abundance of green plants. Not only do these help you reconnect with nature and feel comfortable, their rich greens complement the otherwise warm oranges, reds, and yellows of boho décor perfectly. They vary the color palette and make the room feel homier.

Plants and Greenery in Livingroom

Bohemian Paints

If you’re looking for boho living room ideas, bohemian paints are a great place to go. Bohemian paints can range from 70s-style reds and oranges to dull, modern hues. The type of bohemian paint you go with is really up to you, but you want warm colors that brighten the space while making it feel homey and comfortable. 

Unique and Eclectic Artwork

If you’re worried about finding good boho décor, you can never go wrong with eclectic artwork. Something weird, quirky, or unique to you is exactly what boho design wants to amplify. So put up those random art pieces you bought at a flea market a decade ago!

Boho Living Room Décor: Unique and Eclectic Artwork

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