5 Ideas to Arrange a Small Pantry Space

Small Pantry Space

Trying to organize a little pantry can be a huge chore. Not all of us are kitchen designers or full of pantry storage ideas, and that’s exactly why we’ve compiled five great tips to arrange a small pantry space. We are your best source for your pantry closet. 

Keep reading to get a handle on small pantry ideas to make the most of your modest space. 

1. Use See-Through Baskets for Root Vegetables

See-Through Baskets for Root Vegetables

Baskets are the top kitchen pantry organizers because they can be used for everything. They’re handy for storing root vegetables that don’t require refrigeration. It makes for easy access and eliminates the space these items take up on your countertops. The design for your kitchen pantry should revolve around being intentional, and this is a top example of that concept. 

2. Use a Lazy Susan

This might seem like an obvious tip for small pantry design, but you’d be surprised by how often the lazy Susan gets forgotten. The lazy Susan is one of the best small kitchen pantry ideas because it doesn’t take up much space, yet it has an impressive amount of storage. Use it to hold spices, canned goods, oils, or anything else to your liking.

3. Get a Bag Organizer

Zip lock bags for Small Pantry Space ideas

It’s often stray bags that take up room, so using a bag organizer is a useful idea for your kitchen breakfast pantry. Keep your zip lock bags on the straight and narrow with a bag organizer so they don’t create clutter in your little pantry. 

4. Use Pants Hangers for Chip Bags

Pants hangers as pantry organization ideas might seem crazy. But if you have wire shelves in the pantry, store your chips on full display by clipping them shut with a pants hanger then hanging them from the wire. You don’t need pantry remodel ideas, just a few extra hangers! 

5. Use a Shoe Organizer

Shoe Organizer

Hanging a shoe organizer on the back of the door is a pantry organizer idea you never saw coming. Shoe organizers have pockets that are perfect for storing food coloring, spices, snacks, or water bottles. This is one of the best kitchen pantry ideas for small spaces because it makes for easy access and efficient storage. 

Make the Most of Your Kitchen Pantry Organizers

Having a small space means small pantry organization, and we know that you can make it happen. Use these pantry ideas for your small kitchen to make the most out of your space and enjoy accessibility and efficiency. 

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