5 Laundry Organization Tips to Stay on Top of Laundry

Mother and daughter organizing laundry

If you’re like us, you put laundry off for way too long, so when you finally get around to it, you’ve got a mountain of dirty clothes and organizing your laundry closet is a feat too big to fathom. Here are laundry organization tips for you.

But we’re here with small laundry room organization ideas and much more to let you know that laundry doesn’t have to be torturous. Instead of staring at your dirty laundry basket and wondering how to tackle it, follow these five laundry room hacks and overcome laundry once and for all. 

1. Sort While Undressing

Laundry Organization Tips

This is a laundry sorting system you can’t pass up. Instead of waiting until laundry day to separate your whites, brights, and colors, use this dirty laundry storage idea to sort as you move throughout the week. Along with the laundry basket in your bedroom, put a few additional laundry containers and designate clothing types and colors. So, when laundry day comes around, it’s a breeze. 

2. Use Mesh Bags

Mesh bags are laundry room accessories that prevent socks and underwear from disappearing into the land of the dryer. Use this laundry room organization idea for each of your family members and give them all their own mesh bag for undergarments. 

3. Pin Your Socks Together

Pin Your Socks Together

One of the most annoying things about laundry is the way socks seem to walk away and never return. But if you’re an expert laundry organizer and pin your socks together with a clothespin, the pair will never become separated again. 

4. Be Intentional About Wrinkles

To prevent wrinkles, you’ll want to hang your clothes up immediately after you dry them. Don’t use your laundry room storage to pack them away and forget about them, because when you pull them back out, they’re going to be covered in unsightly wrinkles. If that does happen, though, you can always hang your clothes up in the bathroom while you take a hot shower, because that will encourage the wrinkles to fall out. 

5. Label Liberally

Label the laundry basket

Labels will be your new best friend during this organizational overhaul. Use labels on laundry baskets, laundry shelves, and kids’ clothing tags to make sorting that much easier. 

Don’t Suffer With Laundry – Enjoy It 

Using these tips to organize your laundry closet is the best way to actually enjoy doing laundry instead of slogging through it each week. Put these laundry hacks to the test to see how well they work for you! 

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