5 Mural Wallpaper Designs That Will Liven Up Your Wall

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Everyone wants walls that make them feel good; whether it’s calm bedroom wallpaper designs or bright, colorful mural ideas, we want walls that look nice and make us feel a certain way, be it relaxed, excited, or inspired. Enter mural wallpaper designs. These can be affordable and fun ways to make your walls look exactly how you want them to, and we’ve got a few common options that people love!


Who doesn’t love ocean designs? Waves are the perfect choice for a mural wallpaper for bedroom walls as they can be as intricate or simple as you want. If you want some relaxing, pretty waves or some complex, inspiring waves, you can take your pick. You can never go long with wave wallpaper wall art.

Wallpaper designs of waves


If you’ve got a playroom or a nursery, you can never go wrong with some cherub designs. These little, cuddly, winged babies are an adorable addition to all nursery mural wallpapers. They don’t have to be religious in design, either. They can just be cute!


When you’re fishing for wall mural ideas, fruit can sometimes be easy to forget. They are, however, perfect for kitchen, dining room, and/or breakfast room wall designs. You can make them as simple or pretty as you want, and even favor a mural design that includes your favorite fruits! They’re colorful, fun, and charming.

Fruit wallpaper Designs


You can never go wrong with biophilic, organic art, and forest murals are no different. Bring a splash of green and life to any room by throwing up some murals of forests, trees, and/or leaves! Forests are also a great option for modern wall murals, as they can be artsy or simple as the situation demands.


Monkeys may not occur to you when you’re looking for mural designs, but they’re definitely a great option. They’re silly and cute, so they can be perfectly at home in a game room or as a living room mural. They bring life and fun to a room, so make sure to throw some up!

Wallpaper designs of monkeys

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