5 Ways to Elevate your Space with Mirror Home Décor

Designer mirror in living room

Mirrors are versatile, functional items found in every home. They are essential in bathrooms and dressing areas; however, mirrors are perfect for adding beauty anywhere through mirror home décor. Strategically placed mirror designs on walls or other places throughout your home can create an illusion of space and enhance natural light in a room. Many shapes, styles, and frame designs can help you reflect your personal style. Learning to decorate with mirrors is a cost-effective, simple way to elevate your home décor

Keep reading to learn more about using mirrors throughout your home. You will learn five ways to elevate your home décor with mirrors and some more tips for using mirrors in your home décor through gallery walls, shape, scope, placement, and more.

Mirrors Helps to Maximize Light

Beautiful large mirror in bedroom

Mirrors are the perfect way to maximize natural light in your home. The key is to position mirrors where their reflective surfaces will bounce light around a space. Placing mirrors across windows or other natural light sources can enhance a bright, inviting atmosphere.

Add Mirrors to Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a classic, elegant way to display an eclectic collection of pictures and art. Mixing mirrors into a gallery wall adds sophistication and visual interest. Gallery presentations can easily incorporate mirrors of different shapes, sizes, and frame types. For example, a large mirror may be a focal point for a gallery full of photographs and art. Smaller mirrors are perfect accents throughout a gallery display. 

Focal Point or Mirror as Art

Use mirror home décor as art

Creating a focal point in a room draws attention to that point anchoring the room’s décor and establishing a beautiful flow. Often a large piece of art serves as a focal point in a room or an accent wall painted or papered in a bright color or pattern. Large mirrors can also work as a focal point in home décor. A large mirror with an interesting, decorative frame as a focal point will brighten and open up a room. 

Mirror Gallery

Creating a gallery of mirrors is a unique way to elevate your space. You can choose different shapes, sizes, and frame styles to curate your gallery or go with a cohesive, symmetrical look. A mirror gallery can brighten your space and add interest to large, empty wall spaces. Mirror galleries can also serve as an anchor for furniture pieces like console tables or headboards.

Placement of the Mirror

Placement of mirror is important

Mirrors are a practical way to elevate your space, and placement is a crucial part of the process. You can dress up your entryway with a stylish mirror, or placing a mirror over a dresser can add a beautiful element to a bedroom. Placing a mirror in a dining room can enhance the natural light and add an exciting art element. Other placement ideas that elevate a space include a full-length leaning mirror over a desk in an office space. 

Things to consider when decorating with mirrors.

Decorating with mirrors is a simple, cost-effective way to add interest and personality to your home. However, it is essential consider a few factors when choosing and placing mirrors.

  • Scale: Choosing the right size for your wall mirror design goals is essential. Mirrors that fit proportionally without overwhelming the space are critical for maximum impact for both interior design ad functionality.
  • Style: Decorative wall mirror frames, shapes, and other style elements should accentuate your existing decor.
  • Reflective Surface Style: reflective surfaces of mirrors vary from traditional clear to antiqued or distressed. Some mirrors have a decorative mirror mosaic frame creating a unique look around a large wall mirror.
  • Placement: it is essential to consider how mirrors will interact with other elements in your home. For example, strategic placement for reflective purposes or deciding where to place a mirror to make a room feel larger.
  • Maintenance and cleaning: mirrors tend to attract and accumulate dust and fingerprints. Introducing mirror wall décor to your home requires adding dusting and cleaning mirrors to your interior maintenance and cleaning rotation.

More Inspiration for Mirror Home Décor

Mirror home décor
  • Living Room Mirror Ideas: Living rooms are perfect for mirror decoration techniques. Placing a mirror above the couch or incorporating a sizeable full-length wall mirror can elevate living room decor with bright natural light and make a space feel spacious and open.
  • Bedroom Mirror Ideas: The bedroom is another place where a large full-length mirror can add sophistication and purpose. Full-length mirrors in or near dressing areas are both beautiful and useful. Placing a round wall mirror above a dresser or a decorative mirror above bed furniture are also excellent bedroom choices.


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