7 Theme Décor Ideas For a House Party

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Figuring out good themes and décor ideas for a house party can be difficult, especially when you want to do something unique. How can you find something both you and your guests will love? And once you finally nail down a few fun party themes, there’s the décor to worry about. 

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. We’ve come up with 7 good house party themes for just about any occasion, whether it’s a birthday or “just because”. 

1. Ice Cream Party

people eating ice cream

Birthday party themes centered around sweet treats are always popular, especially with kids. For this fun idea, use a pastel color scheme in all your party decorations to mirror the soft tones of ice cream flavors. Pile on the pastel-colored balloons and streamers. You can also go all out in other ways, like making your own ice cream wreaths with colored poms poms as scoops of ice cream and flecks of sprinkles. Use festive tableware to help bring home the ice cream theming. 

Depending on whether you want to host the party outdoors or indoors, adding some fun patio furniture into the mix would be a great idea. Use folding tables for convenience if needed. No ice Stock the bar with colorful toppings like nuts, sprinkles, fruit, and whatever else you like in clear containers. Don’t forget to also add the whipped cream, fudge, caramel, and other sauces on the side. 

2. Decade-Themed Party

Decade theme party

Party ideas based around a specific decade give you tons of options for dress up themes. If you’re hosting a 70s party, encourage guests to show up in tye dye and flared jeans. For a roaring twenties theme, everyone can wear their best flapper garb or finest tuxedo. Once you’ve gone through different party theme ideas and found the decade you want, it’s time to make the décor and atmosphere match.

Don’t be afraid to get creative (and a little silly) making the decorations match your decade. Hosting a 50s party? Make your home look like a classic drive-in diner with checkered tablecloths and neon signs! You could even do a Y2K party and blast your favorite late 90s tunes. 

3. Movie Night 

Roll out the red carpet for party guests by embracing a movie night theme. Set up a photo booth with a gold glitter background for attendees to pose like they’re at the Oscars, or make them snacks with an old-fashioned popcorn machine. If you like, you could even base the party around a certain movie. This would be a great birthday party idea for someone who is a fan of a specific film or series. 

4. Pool Party 

Pool Party

For pool party themes, nautical, beach, and tiki decorations tend to be big hits. Anything fun, brightly-colored, or inflatable will be a good choice for this type of party. Bring out all the fun pool toys, like pool noodles, inflatables, and even beach balls. For a tiki-themed party, some thematic ideas include tiki torches or grass skirt runners. If you really want to impress, you could also try underwater LED lights for added ambiance. Since your house party will likely be outdoors, it might also be a good idea to stock plenty of cold drinks in the cooler.

5. Masquerade Ball 

A masquerade party is all about glamor, intrigue, and mystery. Guests who enjoy dressing up for the occasion often enjoy off-color party ideas like this one because when else can you wear a poofy gown or an elaborate mask? Because masquerade parties are heavy on the atmosphere, make sure your decorations veer towards the dramatic. Incorporate mask motifs throughout the area, like big stand-up displays or statues. Use velvet drapery, venetian feathers, and gilded mirrors to help make the party feel elevated and show-stopping. 

6. Casino Night 

Casino Night

Who doesn’t love a trip to the casino? With casino party themes you can bring the fun to your guests instead of driving out to a casino. Have attendees play classic casino games like poker and blackjack while they enjoy classic casino drinks like mojitos or martinis; this is a party where guests will be able to let off steam and have fun in a casino setting. Use oversized casino banners and signs like one might see in a slot game. You could also use an oversized game wheel where guests could take a spin and win a prize! 

7. Elegant Tea Party

Perfect for baby showers or just to get together with friends, tea parties are all about elegance. Use décor like lace tablecloths, vintage tea sets, and floral arrangements to emphasize the old-fashioned, relaxed atmosphere a tea party brings. Tea party themes for parties tend to be more understated and classy, so go light on the themed décor. Encourage guests to wear modern tea party attire— a nice dress or blouse that’s still comfortable and airy. 

We hope this list of thematic house party ideas has inspired you to go all out with your themed décor for your next big bash! Whether you need streamers, balloons, or big statement décor, Homeloft has everything you need for themed house party ideas that will impress. Check out our online store today and see for yourself! 


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