A Complete Guide to Decorating With Plaid

Plaid cushions on sofa

In the world of interior design, plaid is a bit of a controversial topic. Some absolutely love their plaid home décor, while others believe it’s far too restrictive to be used effectively. If you’re reading this, you may fall into either camp, but one thing is for sure: you’re at least interested in learning how to decorate with plaid. While it is a unique pattern that comes with some unique design considerations, it’s by no means impossible to work with, and when used correctly. Adds a massive amount of depth and sophistication to your home environment. To help you learn more about decorating with plaid, we’ve put together a quick and to-the-point guide to using this fascinating style.

Stick With One Plaid Pattern

modern lounge interior with blank picture frame on the wall

When decorating with plaid, it’s a good rule of thumb to decide on one plaid pattern and stick with it. Plaid décor tends to be very striking and draws a lot of attention. Generally speaking, you don’t want to have too many of these striking décor pieces, as they tend to conflict. Conflicting décor elements will very quickly overwhelm a room. So it’s best to avoid them entirely if possible. Choosing one plaid pattern for the entire area is a great way to ensure these conflicts don’t occur. It can help establish a décor style for the rest of your home as well.

As this will likely influence the rest of your home décor picks. Be sure you’re happy with the plaid design you’ve chosen before moving further in the decorating process. Take a look at several different plaid patterns, figure out what you like and dislike about each, and come to a decision from there. Then, you can move on to the next steps in the process.

Pick a Simple Color Scheme

Sofa decorating with plaid rug

The best way to ensure that your plaid décor stands out is by picking a simple color scheme to go with it. Fortunately, using a plaid pattern makes this easier than ever. Pick one or two colors that match your existing plaid pattern, then pick out a third complementary color to introduce some variety. Stick with this color scheme throughout the decorating process, and you’ll have the perfect décor setup to bring out the most in your favorite plaid pattern.

Once you’ve your color scheme, it’s time to figure out how to implement it. A common suggestion among interior designers is to follow the 60-30-10 rule. The rule states that in a given room, 60% of the décor should be of a primary color. 30% should be of a secondary color, and the final 10% should be of an accent color. Though it’s not a hard and fast rule by any means, we recommend using it as a general guideline to get the color balance right. Having a solid color ratio makes your home look and feel much more skillfully designed, so it’s important that you get it right.

Don’t Overdo It

Black and yellow pillows on a white sofa

Of course, even if you’re sticking with a single plaid design, it’s important not to oversaturate the room with it. Plaid décor is a striking, attention-grabbing piece. So it’s best used as a small portion of your room décor. Using a plaid pattern for every piece of décor in your home is going to be overwhelming and unappealing to the eye. So it’s important to strike a solid balance between your plaid elements and more conventional designs. To avoid introducing too much visual clutter and noise, we recommend going with either simple or pattern less décor pieces outside of your plaid décor.

Go for a Rustic, Traditional Look

Though plaid is versatile enough to work with almost any décor style. We just can’t get enough of the rustic log cabin vibe. Try pairing your plaid décor with warm earth tones, natural materials, and other rustic décor elements. If you don’t have one already, you could also purchase a small table lamp to add some warm light to the mix. Between each of these uniquely calming décor elements, you’ll have the perfect cozy home environment to relax and forget your troubles in.

Best Plaid Décor Pieces

Chairs are decorating with plaid

Now that you know how to make plaid work in your home environment, it’s time to figure out what décor pieces you want to use it on. Generally, we recommend decorating with plaid as an accent. This is, of course, a fairly open-ended recommendation. So you could get anything from throw blankets and pillow design pieces to rugs in plaid, or even some furniture if you’re feeling adventurous! Feel free to get creative and experiment a bit until you find what works best for you and your home. By the end of it all, you’re sure to have home décor you love!

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