Bathroom Décor Guide: How to Make your Bathroom Extra Luxurious

Luxurious bathroom

In the realm of interior design and décor, we often forget the bathroom is just as important as any other room in the home. Too often, bathrooms are left crowded and cramped, and their décor remains an afterthought. The result hardly makes for a space anyone would enjoy spending time in. At worst, the bathroom might be an area you’re embarrassed to show guests. Here is our bathroom décor guide

This should never be the case! We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, whether it’s taking a shower or getting ready for the day. An aesthetic bathroom should be tranquil, clean and luxurious. With this in mind, we created this guide on how to decorate a bathroom. Read on for our very best bathroom decoration ideas.

Adopt a Cohesive Theme

Bathroom Décor guide

Having a cohesive, put-together look to your bathroom goes a long way in creating a modern luxury bathroom. Picking a theme that aligns with your aesthetic tastes is important in curating décor that you’ll love. There are lots of different types of themes out there. 

For a coastal luxury look, incorporate shell and ocean motifs into your décor. Seafoam green, turquoise, light beige, and other soft aquatic colors would look great on the wall. For a Parisian style, using vintage bathroom mirrors and furniture, jeweled chandeliers, and marble fixtures is key. 

These are just two bathroom theme ideas; there are many more online to explore! If you haven’t decided on a theme or think you might change your mind in the process of decorating, we recommend starting with using a lot of white on the walls and fixtures. White is a pleasing color for your bathroom, and it will go with whatever theme you decide on! 

Use Atmospheric Lighting

Atmospheric Lighting

Lighting is the brushstroke that paints your bathroom’s ambiance. Depending on your theme, you might opt for either warm lamp lighting or natural light. You may already have task lighting around the bathroom for grooming, but adding more accent lighting transforms a space. Thoughtful lighting not only illuminates but also elevates your bathroom’s aesthetic. Here are a few bathroom décor ideas for lighting:

  • Place LED strips beneath cabinets or behind mirrors for a modern touch
  • Add elegant pendant lights above a bathtub or near a makeup station
  • Embrace natural light with sheer curtains or frosted glass
  • Install chandeliers or elegant sconces for opulence

Add Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Furniture

Having seating and additional furniture in the bathroom adds a sense of convenience and comfort. While you shouldn’t crowd your bathroom up with lots of furniture, having a few elegant pieces will upgrade the room’s look. Something like a small storage stool is both functional and decorative, allowing you to keep the bathroom tidy and clean. 

Seating is also important in a luxury bathroom. An upholstered bathroom chair is an unconventional but luxurious way to add comfort to the bathroom. It adds coziness and makes the room feel like an at-home spa. A vintage chair would also be right at home in an opulent bathroom, especially in front of a vanity or mirror. A velvet stool is another great option for those preferring smaller seating. These bathroom seating ideas are simple ways to instantly add luxury to any bathroom. 

Hang Bathroom Art 

Bathroom Art

No luxury bathroom would be complete without art decorating the walls. Using wall art to decorate is a great way to elevate the room’s décor, but there are a few guidelines you should know first. First, and most importantly, avoid hanging original art or antiques. Steam and moisture can destroy your valuable paintings, so it’s best to leave them for the living room. For the bathroom, stick with self-adhesive vinyls and framed prints. Be sure to place artwork in areas away from water, such as above towel racks or above the toilet. 

Decorate the Bathtub 

Bathtub decoration

The bathtub usually isn’t a part of our bathrooms we consider decorating. It’s more often seen as a utilitarian feature than anything else. However, just because the bathtub is utilitarian doesn’t mean it can’t be glamorous. There are many bath tub décor ideas to bring sophistication to your tub. Brass bathtub fixtures make a bold statement, especially when set against a stark white tub. Adorning the area with a scented candle or two is another way to add sophistication and tranquility. A set of elegant shower curtains can also help frame the tub nicely. 

Add Glamour With Accessories 

Another way to add luxury to your bathroom is through subtle and tasteful decorating. Even small additions like towel rings, storage bins, and other decorations make a big impact on making a space look more glamorous. Here are some bathroom accessories ideas to inspire your own decorating: 

  • Use monogrammed bath towels and washcloths 
  • Invest in a new plush bath mat 
  • Dazzle guests with bejeweled soap holders and dispensers
  • Try a luxury lace toilet cover 

We hope this list of luxury bathroom ideas has inspired you to give your own bathroom a modern makeover. However you decide to decorate, Homeloft has you covered with all the bathroom essentials. For more bathroom decorating ideas, check out the rest of our Décor Guide. 

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