Bedroom Lighting: A guide to decorating your bedroom with perfect lights

Beautiful bedroom lighting

Given how many hours you spend asleep, typically in the dark, bedroom lighting can often fall lower on your design list than it should. As the room in which you start and end your day. Your bedroom plays an important role in regulating your mood.

By starting and ending in an environment that caters to your own unique relaxation needs. You set yourself up for a great day, and have somewhere soothing to return should the day not go as planned.

From wall lights to reading lights and beyond, a variety of bedroom lighting fixtures can help to add character and flair to your bedroom design. Follow our modern bedroom lighting tips for the restful sanctuary of your dreams – literally.

Layer Your Bedroom Lights

Layer bedroom lighting

To have enough illumination as well as enough lighting fixtures to fill your space, it is important to include three sources of light: task, decorative, and ambient. 

A task typically performed in the bedroom would be reading, identify where you will likely be reading, what type of light you need, and how much.

Decorative light is where you get to let your design flair really shine through. This lighting makes your bedroom beautiful and is not necessarily meant to serve a task-based purpose. Decorative lighting for the bedroom could include unique bedside lamps or a chandelier.

Ambient lighting is typically what lights up the entire space. You can achieve ambient lighting with recessed lighting, which is popular and cost-effective, track lighting, and more.

Sconces For Shared Space

Wall sconces for the bedroom

Wall sconces for the bedroom leave the top of your nightstand clear while creating a more elevated design appearance. These wall lights for your bedroom have the additional benefit of making it easier for a night owl to stay up reading while their partner sleeps without any disruption.

Simply set each sconce to be independently operated, and prepare for a wonderful reading without harming your the night’s sleep of the person laying next to you.

Set The Lighting Temperature Just Right

A soft white bulb is a typical choice for bedroom lights. But the lighting temperature is largely dependent upon personal preference.

It’s also important to keep the bulbs at no more than 2700K in the bedroom unless the bedroom will be used for other purposes during the day. Lighting 3000K and above is known to keep us alert and attentive, which can make sleep a lot more difficult to achieve.

Scale Bedroom Lights Appropriately

Lamps on side table

Lamps on side tables should be kept between one-third and two-thirds the width of the nightstand for appropriate lighting size and scale. Any larger or smaller will hinder the symmetry of your bedroom lighting design.

Unless your bedroom features high ceilings, it is also not recommended to feature any overhead lighting that hangs low. Anything hanging overhead should be 8 feet from the floor – if you don’t have the space to do that, it is likely best to skip that fixture in favor of recessed or track lighting.

Another factor to consider with size is the number of bulbs per room. For a smaller bedroom, any more than 3 light bulbs are likely too many and too bright for that scale of room.

Utilize Crystal Wall Lights or Chandeliers

Crystal Wall Lights or Chandeliers

Bedroom wall lights are the jewelry of your room, and you have the unique opportunity to showcase some of your own personal styles by incorporating crystal wall lights. Chandeliers can also serve as an exciting choice in bedrooms that feature a high ceiling.

Don’t Leave Out Lamps

Table lamps

An easy way to add character or meet task-specific needs, bedside lamps, and bedside wall lamps are staples for your sleep space. Wall lamps for the bedroom free up bedside table space, allowing you space to store that pile of books you’ve been meaning to get through. 

Eclectic bedside lamps, though more spacious on the side table, allow you to add a touch of your own personal flair to the bedroom design. Lamps also add an all-around glow that overhead lighting alone simply cannot. Lamps should not be limited to the side of the bed alone, but displayed on dressers as well.

Build Your Dream Bedroom Lighting With Homeloft

Bedroom lighting

Ready to get started on lighting your bedroom luxuriously? We at Homeloft are here to help. Featuring everything you need from lighting fixtures to throw pillows and wall art, we are here to help elevate your bedroom into the perfect place to start and end your day. 

Explore our store to get started on lighting your perfect bedroom today.

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