How to choose the best lighting for your kitchen island: Guide

Your kitchen island is the focal point of the busiest room in your house, the…

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Bedroom Lighting: A guide to decorating your bedroom with perfect lights

Given how many hours you spend asleep, typically in the dark, bedroom lighting can often…

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Cool Light Vs Warm Light – How Temperature Affects Your Home Décor

If you’ve never thought about color temperatures of light before, you might be surprised to…

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How to Choose the Perfect Spot for a Chandelier

Chandeliers are big and fancy and perfect centerpieces to tie rooms together. But they can…

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How Home Lighting Affects Your Mood and Wellness

Home lighting is integral to how our home looks and feels—and to how we look…

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How to Choose the Perfect Lampshade

Oh, lampshades. They can take a perfectly fine, normal LED bulb and make it something…

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Home Lighting Trends and Ideas

Interior lighting design is a crucial part of achieving the style you want in your…

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Chandelier Ideas for Your Home

As we all (should) know, lighting is incredibly important for successful home décor. For some,…

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Best Lamps to decorate your home

Sometimes, a room’s regular lighting just isn’t going to cut it, so the natural solution…

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