Chandelier Ideas for Your Home

Chandelier Ideas for Your Home

As we all (should) know, lighting is incredibly important for successful home décor. For some, lighting accentuates other décor choices without taking too much of the limelight. For others (and presumably you), lighting should be just as engaging and interesting as any other focal point piece. If you’re in the latter, then you want a chandelier. Here are some chandelier ideas for your home.

But as with all centerpiece picks, chandeliers can be hard to decide. After all, they have to tie a room together while also providing beautiful lighting, making them an important choice to get right; however, if you feel lost in your chandelier hunt, fret not. There are a few categories of chandeliers that may help you narrow your search and find the perfect chandelier.

General Chandeliers

This is, of course, the generalist category. If you need solid ambient lighting and a good centerpiece for almost any room and décor theme, then “normal” chandeliers are probably the move for you.

Maybe you’re looking for an excellent living room chandelier. Consider a simpler chandelier that has shades that match your room’s theme. These are your jack-of-all-trades chandeliers. It might take you some time to find the right kind of chandelier for your needs, but you will find it.

General Chandeliers

These types of chandeliers are also perfect if you change your room themes semi-frequently. If you know you change room decor every year or so, then you don’t want to drop hundreds on a perfect crystal chandelier that then looks out of place when you swap a room out again.

Crystal Chandeliers

And speaking of the devil, crystal chandeliers are beautiful centerpiece picks that can elevate a dining room to a great hall or make a foyer as elegant and welcoming as possible. While crystal chandeliers have variety in their styles and qualities, they do lend themselves to more elegant room décor. If that’s your style, these are the way to go.

Crystal Chandeliers

If you want your chandelier to truly be the focal point of the room, pick a large and/or intricately designed crystal chandelier. A beautiful chandelier will do things to a room you couldn’t imagine, tying together room decor while basking them in splendid ambient light. 

Modern Chandeliers

Maybe old-school elegance isn’t your style. You’ve got a swanky modern living room and need a nice chandelier to fit, but crystal chandeliers are too traditional and general chandeliers are just that: too general. If that’s the case, then modern chandeliers are your new best friends.

Modern chandeliers bring the focal point properties of chandeliers while avoiding the old-school style many chandeliers have. They can be sleek and smooth, homey and trendy, or intricate and unique. The point of a modern chandelier is to fit with modern design sensibilities, and since those are incredibly varied, modern chandeliers are incredibly varied as well!

Modern chandeliers

If you’re looking to buy a chandelier that fits your chic sensibilities, you’ve found your options. You can find a small living room chandelier or a luxury modern chandelier, just pick what matches. Match a chandelier to your aesthetic and you’re good to roll! 

Accent Options

Wall Lights

Say what you will about chandeliers, but some struggle to provide complete lighting for a room on their own. They’re great ambient lighters, but sometimes they need help fully lighting all of the little knick-knacks and decorations you might have in a room.

In that case, you want some wall lights. Whether it’s a small set of sconces to rim your dining room and amplify the lighting your new crystal chandelier provides, or a few wall lamps to bring light to the darker corners of your living room, wall lights can easily fill any holes in your chandelier’s lighting coverage. 

Wall lights are more than diverse enough to fit most themes, so have at it.

Wall lights

Complementing Furniture

Sometimes, you’re dead set on a chandelier, but your room’s décor just doesn’t match it. In that case, maybe it’s time to get some new, complementing furniture

Whether it’s a whole new couch that matches the color of your chandelier or a set of small décor options that accentuate the lighting profile of your room, complementing furniture is always a solid idea.

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