Choose the Perfect Bedsheets for Your Room: Tips & Tricks

Lady is sleeping on bed

Few decisions impact our lives as much as our bedding. A good night’s sleep is only a few clicks away, but how do you find the perfect pick!? With so many options and styles to choose from, there’s more to bedding shopping than meets the eye. Here are the top five factors to choose perfect bedsheets for your room.


The materials your bed linens are made of matter.

For some people, the sheer feel of silk is bliss. Others prefer something a bit fluffier. The best material for bed sheets is your pick; there’s no one-size-fits-all solution!

Some of the key factors to consider as you seek out your high-quality bedding include:

  • Feel: Your personal preference matters! Choose what feels right for you.
  • Perspiration: Individuals with night sweats may want to avoid thicker materials like flannel or wool.
  • Temperature: If you keep your house on the cooler side, aim for something insulating. However, those who prefer sleeping warm will enjoy light fabrics.
Checking bedsheet fabric


Some people like to have plenty of weight on top of them as they sleep. Again, this is all up to you! If you enjoy the sensation of being swaddled, multiple layers of sheets and quilts can help you drift off to sleep.

As you select your sheets, consider how each layer will interact with the others. For example, a sheer silk bedsheet may cause your comforter to slip and slide during the night. While this may not matter to some, others may wish to avoid the hassle by purchasing a cotton sheet.

sheets and quilts


Take a look at the height of your bed.

Some people have taller beds, which may cause problems when selecting a new set of sheets and blankets.

If you want your quilts and comforters to conceal what lurks beneath your bed, measure the distance from the bottom of your bedframe to the floor. Add this length to your quilts and comforters to achieve the perfect look!

Visual Appeal

Finally, you want your bed to look good!

Even the most comfortable beds need a bit of visual pop. Some fanciful decorative pillows provide plenty of appeal, and they can be used to prop yourself up during the night.

Beautiful bed

The best bedding material is at your fingertips; all you have to do is find it! HomeLoft understands the importance of sleep, and we offer the best bedding quality in the UK.

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