Corner Wardrobe Design Ideas Guide 101

Corner wardrobe design ideas

It’s a tale as old as time: you’re ready to go out with friends, and you check your wardrobe, only to find that you have nothing to wear! Or – even worse – your items are so disorganized and chaotic that you can’t make sense of what you have. If your wardrobe is starting to feel a bit too cramped, you might be ready to invest in a corner wardrobe design ideas. 

A corner wardrobe is a perfect option for people who are tight on space since people don’t tend to know what to put in the corner anyway. It’s specifically designed to maximize space without taking up too much of the room and can feature a clothing rack, shelves, drawers, or any combination thereof. Most corner wardrobes are between 80-100 cm wide and around 200 cm tall, making them a good fit for any room.

Read on to learn more about why a corner wardrobe may be right for you and how to style it!

Corner Wardrobe Cabinets Are Smart Storage Solutions

Corner Wardrobe Design Ideas

If you’ve got more clothes than you know what to do with but are unwilling to part with, it could be time to upgrade your wardrobe by investing in a space-saving corner wardrobe. 

A portable corner wardrobe is effective at maximizing space while enabling you to carry your clothing with you while traveling. This is especially helpful if you tend to travel the country often or if you are a part-time college student traveling back home when school is over. 

The benefit of these space-saving wardrobes is that they’re strong enough to hold your clothing (steel frame) but far less bulky than a typical wardrobe. Portable wardrobes tend to have zip-up covers made of materials like propylene and come in multiple sizes and colors for your convenience. 

If you’re less concerned about traveling and prefer a more customized wardrobe solution, read on to learn more. 

Corner Wardrobe Design Options

Corner Wardrobe Design Options

Thankfully, the customization options don’t end at portable wardrobes – they carry over to wardrobe cabinets and built-in wardrobes as well!

Here are some ideas to add a fun spin to an existing wardrobe:

Clothes Storage Ideas for Corner Wardrobes

Clothes Storage Ideas for Corner Wardrobes

Even with the addition of a corner wardrobe, you may find yourself with limited space. Whether you need built-in wardrobe storage ideas or standalone storage ideas, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some ideas on how to maximize space in your corner wardrobe:

  • Add hanging baskets under your shelves. A hanging wire basket can be a nice addition to your wardrobe if you find that there’s too much empty space.
  • Make use of doors and walls. Hanging storage pockets ensure that no space is wasted. You can store shoes, wrapping paper, and other items in them.
  • Save space with the help of your vacuum cleaner. A durable vacuum box enables you to store more clothing in your wardrobe, maximizing space. 
  • Install additional shelves with ease. Wire shelves are quick and easy to install, making them a fantastic choice for a corner wardrobe. 
  • Get creative with closet organizers. Whether you choose a closet organizer that helps you quickly spot what size your baby is wearing or a custom organization kit, you’ll be delighted at the space you save. 
  • Keep belts and scarves organized. Use rotating racks to keep your belts, scarves, or ties organized and within reach. 
  • Stack up the storage. Keep your shoes at their best by keeping each pair in a clear, stackable storage bin. You can also use these for clothing.
  • Fold it quickly. Tired of folding your laundry? We’re about to change your life: using a laundry folder will make the time go by much faster! There are folders like this for shirts, pants, coats, and more!

Dress Up Your Corner Wardrobe with Homeloft

Corner cabinates

While a corner wardrobe is a beautiful and space-saving addition to any home, you can store your belongings more efficiently if you invest in space-saving options and decoration to enhance the overall look of the space. 

Here at Homeloft, we offer several wardrobe customization options, in addition to the wardrobes themselves. Are you looking to upgrade your bedroom space? We’re happy to serve clients from all over the Americas, Oceania, Europe, and Asia. Visit our online store if you’d like to peek at what we currently have in stock!

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