Everything You Need to Know About Interior Design Trends 2023

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Interior design trends change month by month and year by year, and it can be hard to keep up with what’s on its way out and what’s booming on the market. But if you want to keep your home as stylish and trendy as possible, we’re here to help guide you through the newest interior design trends.

Bold Colors

If you’re a fan of bold colors, then you’re in luck: popping colors in home décor are on the up and up in 2023. Whether it’s a bold splash of green in your bedroom or a brilliant red couch in the living room, bright and flashy colors are sweeping room design this year.

When you’re drumming up home décor ideas, think of how you can create a room motif that accentuates a prominent, flagship color. Maybe you have a yellow wall splash that pops; match that with the right accent pieces, and it’ll flash even more.

Another easy option to add color to rooms is novelty lighting. Consider adding a neon sign to a room (and maybe even pair it with the vintage designs we recommend further down).

The options for color are endless, so go wild!


2023 is the year of curves: stairs, furniture, all of it. You want curves this year. So, let out your inner interior designer and go to town! 

Find some curvy new furniture for your room designs. Curves add texture and definition to your rooms and help create a certain flow in your décor. They soften edges and make rooms feel more welcoming, stylish, and modern.

Modern interior design

Vintage Looks 

Everyone loves vintage furniture, and 2023 will not change that. Sometimes the best house design ideas come from the past, so feel free to find some swanky old-school wall art or even some vintage storage boxes and cabinets.

Vintage looks add character to otherwise boring furniture and organization pieces. In fact, vintage styles can even accentuate contemporary interior design by adding depth of taste to potentially monotonous color palettes and design tastes.

Vintage style interior design

Plus, vintage styles can mean many different decades and many different tastes, so you’d be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t fit your desired vibe.

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