How Home Lighting Affects Your Mood and Wellness

Modern living room with beautiful lighting

Home lighting is integral to how our home looks and feels—and to how we look and feel! Relaxing lights for when you’re stressed or bright lights to help you wake up can greatly impact your quality of life.

The Science Behind Home Lighting

As humans, we’re geared to like light. It makes us feel awake, happy, and productive. The sun is the best light source for those benefits, but in an increasingly modern world, it can be hard to get as much sun as we need! So, how do we make our interior lighting split the difference between the light we need and the light we have?

Be Functional

First and foremost, good lighting is functional lighting. You can have all the aesthetics in the world, but if your lighting doesn’t allow you to actually do things, then what’s the point? For functional home lighting, lamps and ceiling lights are very useful. They can provide a lot of bright light without being too imposing like a chandelier might be.

Beautiful table lamps

Be Cozy

Cozy lighting can have a great impact on your mood and wellness. Between calming lamps, warm lighting, and other relaxing lighting options, cozy lighting is incredibly varied. You can pick what works best for you and go from there.

Cozy lighting can even be achieved with something as simple as a warm light bulb or some nice wall lights.  Relaxing lights for bedroom nights, vivid color, indoor mood light, anything to make you feel cozy and at home. The point is, do whatever you think will make you feel cozy and improve your mood; floor lamp or cool ceiling fan, do whatever works for you.

Home lighting in a bedroom

Be Fun

The final aspect of mood-boosting lighting is for it to be fun. Think fairy lights and tea lamps; these don’t need to be functional, they should just be cool or cute or whatever you want them to be. Lighting defines a space, and the lighting fixtures themselves are no different. Novelty lighting is a great way to make you feel at home, happy, and healthy in your space. 

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