How to choose the best lighting for your kitchen island: Guide

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Your kitchen island is the focal point of the busiest room in your house, the kitchen. All at once, your kitchen island is a meeting point, a preparation area, and during more hectic times, additional storage space. Your kitchen island lighting should be working to accentuate all aspects of this important part of your home, and this can prove to be a feat for first-time home decorators.

In our kitchen island lighting guide, we give you a step-by-step process by which you can determine the right island lights for your home.

Step 1: Measure Your Kitchen Island

lighting for your kitchen island

To determine the right hanging lights for a kitchen island, it is important to know the proportions of your island, as well as its distance from the ceiling. Island light fixtures vary in size, so depending on how high or low your ceiling is, your choice of island pendant lights may vary.

To get the most accurate proportions, begin by measuring the length, width, and height of your island. This initial step determines how many pendant lights go over the island – island pendant lights require at least 12 inches on each side, between your pendant and the end of the island.

It is also recommended that kitchen pendant lighting sits 30 to 36 inches above the island countertop and is centered.

The length of each of your desired island pendant lights should be measured from the ceiling mount to the end of the overhead shade to avoid any disproportionate kitchen hanging lights

Step 2: Determine What Works With Your Scale & Size

kitchen island lighting according to scale and size

With your measurements in hand, there’s one important question you must now consider: How many lights do you want to hang? You have a choice of hanging either one large chandelier or two to three island pendant lights. Both of these kitchen island lighting ideas have their unique advantages and disadvantages, it ultimately boils down to personal preference.

If you opt for kitchen island pendant lighting over one large piece, we recommend spacing each light 26 to 30 inches apart and keeping the design style simple – you will have many opportunities to showcase personal style, but an area where you will be doing important tasks requires lighting that is up for the job.

Step 3: Metal, Glass, or Linen Shades?

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Each of these materials will bring a different feel and atmosphere to your kitchen. Metal shades provide focused light for specific tasks, and can be customized in a myriad of color options. Glass shades diffuse light throughout your kitchen space, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Linen shades give off soft and cozy lighting while giving a touch of elegance to your space.

Whichever shade you choose, consider shades as the opportunity to add a touch of design flair to your space. If you have an open-concept kitchen or a kitchen that connects to another area of the house, you will be looking at your kitchen chandelier or pendants often, so it is important to choose a style that you love.

Step 4: Pick Your Bulbs

Kitchen bulb
Living room and kitchen studio in dark blue color with modern furniture table, chair and stylish lamps. Concept of stylish modern interior kitchen with bar table.

The type of lightbulb you utilize in your kitchen will have a direct impact on its overall atmosphere. 

Lumens, or the amount of light emitted by the bulb, is a great way to assess the amount of lighting your space requires. Unlike watts, lumens measure a fixture’s overall brightness.

We advise supplying 35 to 50 lumens per square foot of the island. Your space’s size, the other lighting in the space, and the mood you want to create will determine which end of that range is higher or lower.

Step 5: Hang Your Lights

Hang Your Lights in kitchen

If you’re wondering how to hang pendant lights, you’re not alone. Hanging lights for a kitchen or any area of the home are best executed by skilled and experienced electricians

To find a worthy candidate, we recommend asking for recommendations from friends, checking community groups in your area, or comparing online reviews. Whoever you choose for the job, they will be thrilled with the preparation you have already done to make their job a breeze.

Light Up Your Kitchen Island With Homeloft

Kitchen island lighting

Homeloft Global is ready to meet all your kitchen island lighting needs. Whether you’re a skilled home chef, a catering connoisseur, or a bit of both, we have what you need to light your space exactly the way you want it.

Explore our lights, furniture, wall art, and utensils, and make your dream kitchen a reality.

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