How to Choose the Perfect Spot for a Chandelier

Perfect Spot for a Chandelier in a livingroom

Chandeliers are big and fancy and perfect centerpieces to tie rooms together. But they can be expensive or overwhelm a room’s design budget, so knowing where to put one can help your overall design quality. We’re going to walk you through the rooms where you can find the perfect chandelier place and what kinds of designs work best for each location.

Welcome with a Landing Chandelier

A chandelier in the landing/foyer/entry hallway is a perfect way to welcome guests to your home and immediately set the vibe of your house. After all, chandeliers are centerpieces, so where better to have one than where everyone comes in and out of your home?

Perfect spot for a chandelier in a hallway

If you have a large or high-ceilinged entry, you can get a larger chandelier, like an intricate crystal chandelier or the like. If your entry is smaller, you can get a smaller hanging chandelier that is more about design than size. Your options are vast!

Tie the Dining Room Together

The dining room is the standard chandelier location. There are few aesthetics more iconic and universal than the “chandelier over dining table” aesthetic. That’s the best part about putting a chandelier in the dining room: it’s ubiquitous so the chandelier will look like it fits, but you can have a lot of fun with the chandelier you put in. You can be your own little chandelier designer and put a piece that’s unique yet perfectly at home in the dining room.

Chandelier in the dining room

Chandeliers for the Kitchen

Much like the dining room, a kitchen is a perfect place for a chandelier. Hang a chandelier over the island or the breakfast table and elevate your entire kitchen design. Your main concern should be matching the overall look of your kitchen. For example, a chandelier for kitchen islands will look very different from one for breakfast tables. Just pick one that has a design and light scheme that matches your overall aesthetic.

Bedroom Chandeliers to Set the Mood

Finally, chandeliers are perfectly at home in the bedroom. A crystal bedroom chandelier can be a perfect way to make things feel romantic and clean, while a halo bedroom chandelier can keep things ambient and relaxing. Whatever mood you want, your chandelier can match it.

Perfect chandelier place  in a bedroom

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