How to Design a Nursery: Everything you need to know

Nursery for a baby

While there are many to-dos when it comes to preparing for the arrival of a new baby, perhaps one of the most beloved and fun activities is designing a nursery. As one of the fundamental spaces of their early childhood, a baby nursery plays an important role in your child’s development.

Whatever nursery ideas are already swirling around in your mind, we have some exciting babies’ nursery decorating ideas to appeal to every style, gender, and budget.

Choose Your Nursery Décor Theme and Color Palette

Nursery Décor Theme

Nursery themes are an opportunity to let your creative imagination run wild. While cute designs can be based on anything from a safari to fairy tales or a beach scene, a bright parent will pick a design that will be able to grow with the child and the family at large.

For example, your bubblegum pink baby girl nursery ideas may be adorable now, but might not work when your next child is born, shares the room, and prefers purple. It is best to keep things simple, soothing, and relaxing. Staple colors like blues, whites, and greens all shine regardless of which baby room idea you choose, be it girl or boy nursery themes.

Choose a Good Crib

Crib for a baby

It is essential to your baby’s sleep cycle and safety to establish a firm sleeping surface, free from soft objects and bedding while they slumber.

When selecting a crib, it is important to select one that is built to meet current safety standards in your country or region. While most cribs available on the market are designed to meet safety standards, it is still necessary to take extra precautions to ensure your baby has a safe space to rest.

Once you find a safe crib, it is just as important to find a comfy chair in which you can read bedtime stories and rock your baby to sleep.

Nursery Essential Furniture: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Storage furniture

Beyond your crib and comfy chair, your nursery room will require certain utility furniture like a changing table or a diaper dispenser.

While it can be an exciting baby room idea to get a changing table, many parents opt instead to get a dresser that their baby can grow into, topped with a washable, portable changing table. In the same way, it can be beneficial in the long run to purchase a crib that can one day serve as a bed once your baby outgrows it.

Diaper pails come in every shape and size in this day and age, but you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to get one that does the job. Blackout curtains can help your baby sleep soundly through the night and are worth the investment.

We must stress, yet again, that the most important piece of furniture in your nursery, aside from the crib, is your nursing chair. You will be spending multiple hours a day feeding your baby in this seat, and it is imperative that you invest in a comfortable one.

Think About Storage and Organization

Storage furniture for a baby

One of the baby nursery ideas that often goes overlooked is storage. When planning for the arrival of babies, decorating ideas tend to take the front seat, leading many parents to stack baby clothing in cluttered piles throughout the home once their child has arrived.

To avoid this fate, we recommend easy-access totes or drawers to store clothes as well as essentials like diapers, diaper creams, wipes, burp cloths, and swaddles.

Design Your Nursery

Nursing station

You have a comfy chair, but a nursing station requires so much more.

You’ll want to equip your throne with several burp cloths, comfortable pillows, and a side table to store whatever beverage you plan to enjoy during your long feeding sessions.

Baby-Proof The Room

Baby-Proof The Room

Baby-proofing the nursery as well as the entire home before your little one arrives puts you at an advantage against any potential accidents or injuries. 

To do this, you should keep any chords or strings from blinds or other décor from hanging into the crib, as these could pose a strangulation hazard. Use non-toxic, non-VOC paint for your nursery’s walls.

The best way to check if your nursery is up to snuff is to check how you measure up to existing mandated safety standards in your region.

Grow with Homeloft

Mother playing with the baby

While your brain is abuzz with baby girl or baby boy nursery ideas now, before you know it, they’ll be a toddler, and then off to their first day of school.

We at Homeloft are here for you every step of the way. From designing your nursery to a bedroom update for their 5th birthday, we have everything you need to make your child’s nursery or bedroom soothing yet fun.

Explore our online store and start building your nursery today.

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