How to Organize Your Storage Cabinets for Small Spaces

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If you want to use your kitchen to its fullest potential, it needs to be organized. With smaller kitchens, though, this can be a bit more difficult. Of course, it’s doable as long as you know how, but there are a few extra considerations to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at on how to organize your storage cabinets for small spaces.

Build Up, Not Out

The problem with many kitchen storage ideas is that they just occupy more space. Even if everything’s organized, having no space left to move around is frustrating. That’s why it’s better to build your storage space up, rather than out. If you have any empty walls, start by installing some kitchen storage cabinets. Then, add a shelf or two to each cabinet, and add risers to the remaining space. This greatly increases the amount of kitchen storage space you have available without eating away at the space you need to work, cook, and move freely.

Schedule Cleaning Days

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Even if you’ve organized your kitchen, though, it may become cluttered again with regular use. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to keep it from building up. Clutter tends to snowball out of control, but it’s easy to manage if you just clean regularly. Set aside one day a week to go through your kitchen. Get rid of leftovers you aren’t going to eat. Move everything back to its original storage space, and you’re good to go!

Partition Your Storage Spaces

Of course, just having all of your things jumbled inside kitchen storage cabinets isn’t much better than having them strewn about the room. Rather, you should come up with an organization system for your newfound storage space. One of our favorite ways is by using kitchen organizers in your storage cabinets and drawers. You can use these organizers to divide your storage space as needed, keeping everything in its proper place.

Group Similar Items

One of the most important parts of kitchen organization is efficiency. When you need a certain tool, food item, or spice, you don’t want to go searching for it. To avoid this, you should group all your similar items together. For example, devote an area in your pantry to canned goods. An area in your storage cabinets for bowls, plates, and the like, and an area in your drawers for silverware. Then, you’ll know where everything is as soon as you need it, and grabbing it is quick and easy.

Be Particular About Kitchen Tools

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While it’s nice to have a tool for everything. You may need to downsize a bit if you’re working with a smaller kitchen space. There are some kitchen tools that you can’t get by without like knives and cutting boards. There are others that you can find alternate solutions for. If you have a large number of these niche, limited-application tools, consider storing them elsewhere for the time being. While you may need them at some point, you’re probably not using them every day, so they don’t have to be instantly accessible. Doing this clears up the easily accessible space for more important tools. 

Have a Separate Space for Unused Tools and Decor

If you have niche kitchen tools as we mentioned above or enjoy seasonal decor, chances are that you have some stuff lying around that you rarely ever use. Seeing as convenience is key in a small kitchen, you need easy access to the things you use often, but not necessarily to the things you only use occasionally. Instead of trying to squeeze these items into a tiny kitchen, we recommend putting them all in a storage bin that can be hidden under the bed, in the attic, or elsewhere. That way, you still have everything available when you need it, but it’s not just sitting in the way when you don’t.

Put Together a Spice Rack

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Spices are one of the toughest things to organize in a small kitchen, especially for avid foodies. Each spice needs its own little bottle, and you have to find a place for each of these bottles that’s easily accessible but not intrusive. Spice racks are the perfect solution, and have a wide variety of designs for any kitchen decor style. All you have to do is browse through a catalog, find a spice rack that’s to your liking, and fill it with all your favorite spices. This ensures that all of your spices are grouped together for easy access, aren’t cluttering other parts of the kitchen, and most importantly, can be used and put away seamlessly while cooking.

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