How To Pick the Perfect Bedsheets for Your Bedroom

How To Pick the Perfect Bedsheets for Your Bedroom

Whether you’re decorating your brand new home or just looking for some change in your bedroom designs, picking quality bed linen can make or break both your bedroom style and comfort. High-quality bed linen looks nice, feels nice, and is nice, so choose carefully! Here are some ideas on how to pick the perfect bedsheets for your home.

If you’re wondering “what is a bed linen,” that’s just another phrase for your sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers. Bed linen and bedding are practically interchangeable phrases for all the stuff on your bed.


The first thing to decide is what you actually need/want on your bed. All of these different sheets, blankets, pillows, and miscellaneous pillow/blanket-adjacent products will form your bedding.

First and foremost, you want high-quality bedding. Decide on what you think are the best bedding materials (like silk, cloth, etc.). The best bedding material is largely subjective since each type does different things better. If you’re warm-bodied, get some silk! If you’re not, maybe get some cloth or even fleece.


Once you have the actual fabric nailed down, you want to find the best quality sheets of that fabric that are the right size for your bed. The last thing you want is to get nice, expensive bedding for a queen-sized bed when you have a king!

As far as how to choose bed linen, you’ll have to take a shot and hope for the best when you’re shopping online; however, if you’ve historically liked a particular fabric for your bed linens, then go with your preference.

The best material for bedding will always be the one you prefer, and quality bedding should look good while still working for whatever needs you have.

 best material for bedding


So, you’ve picked your favorite bed linen fabric and you know your overall bedding needs. Now, you get to actually buy your bedsheets. These are the comfortable foundation of your bedding; they can and should look nice, but comfort trumps all here.

Figure out if you want something matte or something patterned. Maybe you’re a fan of pastels: pastel-colored bedsheets are your friend. Look for a color that you love, maybe even your favorite color, or one that goes with the overall aesthetic you’re shooting for in your bedding and/or overall bedroom design.

If you like patterns, give some floral bedsheets a look. You can never go wrong with some beautiful, floral patterns, especially if they match the greater plan you have for your bedroom!

floral bedsheets

The main goal with bedsheets is to match comfort with style. Let’s say you know you like fleece. You look for fleece bedsheets and find a nice matte red set; they’re perfect for the style you’re going for. You look at reviews and figure out that those bedsheets are pretty comfy, too. You order them and they’re perfect for what you need!

If there’s anywhere to put your nose to the grindstone and do your research with bedding, it’s your bedsheets. You can always kick your blanket off at night; your sheets are a little more permanent.

Blankets and Quilts

With your sheets set and your overall bedding needs determined, you need to pick what blankets and quilts you want. Your sheets are the comfortable parts of your bedding; your comforters/quilts are the pretty ones. Obviously, they should still be comfortable to use, but they should look nice and match the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

Blankets and Quilts

Are you going for a rustic look to make your bedroom feel homey? Consider some antique-styled cotton quilts for your bed. Maybe you want some fuzzy blankets to make the ultimate den? Look no further than warm fleece blankets.

Style is your friend with blankets and quilts, but comfort shouldn’t be wholly neglected. At worst, you want a blanket that isn’t wholly grating to touch and matches the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

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