Infuse Global Decor Into Your Home: A Trend as Old as Time

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While so many interior design trends come and go seemingly as quickly as the seasons. There are those few tried and true styles that continue to stand the test of time. Whether your passport is full of stamps showcasing your worldly adventures or you’ve never stepped foot outside of the country you were born in, anyone can achieve beautiful storytelling in their home with global decor. 

What is Global Decor?

Global decor is an incredibly customizable way to style your home through international inspirations. Simply put, global interior design is a mixture of artistry in the form of colors, patterns, textiles, and objects. Whether you are focusing on one country, one continent, or the world itself. Global decor allows you to truly tailor the exact style you wish to achieve for your home. Regardless if you have chosen this way of decorating to remember a favorite destination, display family traditions and culture, as a lover of history, or to inspire future adventures. When it comes to global decor you get to determine how far and wide your style will reach.

Since the options are endless regarding global interior design style there is the potential to feel overwhelmed with just where to start. Once you choose the locale or locales you want to showcase in your home. There are a few basics you can follow in order to successfully narrate the story you want your home to tell.


Bedroom is decorated by the idea of global decor using ottomans, cushions and rugs

choose your locale it is important to showcase the traditional patterns seen in said location. As mentioned above, global decor is incredibly customizable and most cultures will have a plethora of patterns you can use in your home makeover. Mixing and matching multiple patterns is one of the great ways to showcase this eclectic style, from trivets to ottomans. Layering intricate patterns of different varieties against the bold or neutral color palette you choose will help the patterns stand out. If layering patterns is not something you are comfortable with. You can opt to start with layering two different patterns whose colors pull from the color palette of the room.


While most locales will give a general idea of color palette choices. The no-rules styling of global decor can make choosing tricky. From the neutral tones you’d see in African decor, to the bold and vibrant colors you see in Mexico, to the bright whites and blues of Greece. The best way to make sure you are choosing the correct color palette for your home. First is finding a few items you know you want to display and basing your color palette off of them. A few examples of these key pieces would be an ornate rug, a few textured pillows, or culturally traditional wall art. 


Interior decoration inspired by Mexican folklore

Most countries are rich in traditional textiles. From the silks used in East Asia to the well-known Persian rug. It is important to spend a little time researching what textiles are used in the locale of your choosing to keep your global interior design authentic. Add textiles in the form of pillows, rugs, tapestries, wall accents, throws, and upholstery. Mixing and matching the traditional textiles of your locale is a great way to hone in on the specific vibe you want to showcase. If you are aiming for a modern home decor style choose sleek and simple textiles. If gothic home decor is more your vibe, focus on rich textiles like velvet and satin in deep royal colors.


From furniture and art to trinkets and exotic plants. It is important to integrate objects of all shapes and sizes to tie your decor together. Infuse your home with global flare by choosing traditional woods, handicrafts from local artisans. Elements from nature, cultural artwork, and small details in the form of trinkets. The amount and type of objects needed are completely up to your home decor ideas. A great way to utilize objects to show you understand the cultures and traditions of the locale you have chosen is by showcasing traditional holiday season decor when appropriate.  

A World of Choices

Beautifully decorated Livingroom

At the end of the day global decor is what you make of it. Since it is so customizable you can utilize the endless choices. That come with this type of decor to even make each room in your home a different style. Whether you prefer vintage vibes or more of a modern flair. Small decisions can make a big difference and allow you the longevity global decor brings to interior design. With a few swaps, you can turn a room that once showcased aged and natural rustic home decor of the French countryside into the romantic luxury home decor of Paris. The world is your oyster, it is up to you how you decorate it.

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