Key Trends in Home Décor Space Right Now

Livingroom décor

With a new year comes new trends in home décor, and more importantly, new aesthetics in home décor. There are a lot of exciting home décor ideas currently on the scene, but only you know what’s best for your home. But don’t worry, you don’t have to plan your home decoration alone.

We’ve identified some of the hottest decorating styles this year, so you can redesign with confidence. Here are our top interior design trends for 2023.


A beautiful light  interior design of a modern living room in blue and yellow colors

The overarching theme of 2023 is Minimaluxe. A parred back color palette and furnishings are the mainstays of this trend. Jewel tones, textured fabrics, glass, and stone add luxury to this traditional interior design. Minimalism allows you to showcase your most prized possessions without distraction. The result? A luxurious yet uncluttered home.

Gold Tones

One of our favorite home trends this year is touches of gold. This subtle glitz allows décor styles to maintain a popular neutral palette. Meanwhile, the natural shimmer of gold makes for trendy home décor that is functional art. Gold tones can be achieved via ceramics with gold details, furniture, wallpaper, and more.

Comfy Cozy Furniture

Cozy interior two books on the bed

Plush, fur, and velvet are all textiles that are in high demand for apartment décor and furniture this year. This home interior design begs for you to cocoon, lounge, and relax after a long day. Furniture should be just as soft to recline in as it is beautiful to look at.

Bold Rugs

Minimaluxe is all the rage in modern home décor for 2023 interior design trends. Rugs offer the unique opportunity to showcase your personality and make a statement. Interior design ideas are putting more emphasis on doing less with more right now. A bold rug achieves this goal while adding to the cozy luxury of your space.

Eye-catching Storage

Beautiful storage space

Just because we are going for minimalism doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Decorative storage is a great way to do more with less while enhancing the design. Storage that looks good while doing its job is one of those home decorating trends that never seems to go out of style.


The decorative patterns and tiles of the Mediterranean are making a splash in home trends worldwide. Whether you’ve visited this part of the world or not, you can enjoy its beauty in your own home. From Heritage tiles to classic blue and white patterns, there are so many ways to bring the feel-good vibes of the Mediterranean seaside into your home decorating ideas.


Trends in Home Décor

Trends in home décor right now are pointing toward curves in design elements, especially ones that would normally have edges. From tables to cabinets to chandeliers, tubes, semi-circles, and other oval shapes are taking the home design world by storm.

Wood and Minerals

Many different interior design styles benefit from the use of natural materials, making this trend great news for anyone looking to simply do a minor refresh to their interior design. Leaning into rich tones like paprika, navy, and charcoal allows a brief respite from the neutral color palette that is all the rage right now. Because rich jewel tones are being utilized throughout the popular designs of the time, it is recommended that woods be of a softer and more gentle tone to compliment the neutral and bold tones in your home.

Wicker Furniture

Key Trends in Home Décor

Especially on the patio, wicker furniture is the perfect choice for minimaluxe living spaces. Compliment these furnishings with lush and cozy cushions, preferably ones that are weather-proof.

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