Laundry Room Organization- All You Need to Do

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Your laundry room is an important, yet often underappreciated room in your home. As it quietly facilitates one of life’s most essential chores. Though they’re a must in any home, laundry spaces can easily become cluttered and chaotic without proper organization tactics. By following a few smart laundry room organization strategies and adding a touch of creativity to the process. You can transform your laundry room into a streamlined space of efficiency and style.

In this short guide, we will go over a few practical tips you can follow to help you conquer laundry room organization with ease.

Declutter Your Space

Before you get started on organizing a laundry closet or room, it’s important to first declutter the space you’re working with. Sort through items and get rid of anything you no longer need or use. For example, you could dispose of expired cleaning products, empty detergent bottles, and mismatched socks that lost their mates ages ago. Streamlining your space will make it a lot easier to organize and maintain as time passes.

Make the Most of Your Layout

Laundry room organization

Take a moment to observe your laundry room layout and identify areas where you can make improvements. Think about how you currently use the space and plan out which changes you can make to enhance the room’s functionality. Do you have enough laundry room storage available for all of your supplies? Is there enough counter space for folding clothes? Assessing your needs and space availability will help guide your laundry room organization efforts.

Maximize Vertical Storage

In a small laundry room, which many homes have, every inch of space counts. Try to look for opportunities to utilize vertical storage solutions. Such as wall-mounted laundry shelves, cabinets, or pegboards. Install shelving or cabinetry above your washer and dryer to store laundry containers, like detergents, fabric softeners, and other supplies. This way, you can keep them all neatly out of sight. Using vertical space helps keep your countertops clear and prevents clutter from accumulating in an already limited area.

Try Multi-functional Pieces

 laundry room with washing machine

If your laundry room doubles as a mudroom or utility space. You might want to consider investing in multi-functional furniture or other pieces so that you can maximize the efficiency of the space. A bench with built-in storage can provide seating while also concealing dirty laundry baskets or seldom-worn shoes. Dirty laundry storage ideas like this come in handy when you have limited floor space and don’t want to be tripping or stepping over containers placed on the floor.

Similarly, a fold-down ironing board mounted to the wall can double as a folding surface. Not only does it take care of two laundry tasks in one, but it also saves space and can be neatly folded up out of the way when it’s not in use.

Sort and Separate Laundry

Woman sorting clothes in laundry room

Simplify the entire laundry chore by incorporating designated laundry organizers, sorting bins, or hampers to store different types of laundry. Label individual bins for white clothes, colorful clothes, delicates, and towels to make the sorting process that much easier. Having a space for everything helps prevent laundry from piling up on the floor and making a mess. This laundry sorting system also cuts the time that you’d otherwise spend manually sorting clothes before starting a laundry load. 

Be sure to encourage your family members (or other residents of your home) to sort their laundry as they go to keep the room tidy and well-organized.

Create a Folding Station

Laundry room organization: Woman folding clothes

Make folding laundry less of a chore by creating a dedicated folding station within your laundry room (if space allows). Install a counter space or folding table where you can stack and fold clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer. Store a few baskets or bins underneath the counter to hold folded laundry until it’s ready to be put away. A well-designed folding station is a laundry room hack that can make the laundry process a lot easier in the long run. It also prevents your clean clothes from becoming wrinkled or misplaced.

Add Personal Touches

Organize your laundry closet or room by transforming the space into a place you enjoy spending time in. Adding personal touches, laundry room accessories and decor items can turn a boring space into one that makes laundry feel like less of a chore. You could hang artwork, add a splash of color with paint or wallpaper. Incorporate decorative storage bins to add a bit of your personality to the room. By making your laundry area visually appealing, you’ll be more motivated to keep it neat and organized.

With a bit of planning and using space creatively, you can tackle laundry room organization and create a functional space. Try these small laundry room organization ideas to make keeping your designated space neat as simple as possible. Whether you have a spacious laundry room or a compact closet, these tips will help you use your space to its best capabilities.

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