Living Room Décor Ideas for a Perfect Home

Living Room Décor Ideas for a Perfect Home

Whether deciding on decorating a new home’s living room or redecorating an old one, it can be hard to drum up living room décor ideas in a vacuum. The living room décor can tie a house’s decoration motifs together, so you get excited to experiment with different décor and find the perfect linchpin for your home.

Here are some living room décor ideas:


Art in your home can serve a variety of purposes. It can unify color trends, amplify your creativity, and show off some culture to your guests. Paintings should not be neglected as an option for turning your living room into the hub of your home it should be.


Paintings can fit into a myriad of design types as well. Maybe you’ve been on the prowl for modern living room ideas and settled on a minimalist approach. One mosaic or modern art piece can be what you need to turn a blank wall into the great unifier of the room.

What if you’re looking for cozy, small living room ideas? Consider a large landscape piece, or maybe even a series of screen paintings.

Paintings can fit any design need. Keeping yourself aware of and open to the options art brings to living room décor is a great way to evolve your living room. Wall décor ideas can seem impossible to choose from, so choose paintings.


Any living room needs a good carpet(s). Carpets can take a boring floor and elevate it to something prettier, more colorful, and much more comfortable. And, just like paintings, carpets are so wildly varied that you can inevitably find one to fit almost any theme.


Carpets can tie together a couch and a table. They are (quite literally) the foundation of the room, so keep them in mind when you’re looking for home décor ideas. Living room festivities are never complete without a good carpet; if you’re looking to host friends, parties, or just the nightly dinner with your family, a solid carpet is important.


Lighting is huge. Most people know this nowadays, but just in case you’re out of the loop, lighting is huge. All of your cool paintings, funky carpets, and other living room décor items won’t really be able to shine unless the right lighting shines on them. Enter: lamps.

Ceiling lights are expensive; lamps are not. Ceiling lights are hard to replace and time-intensive; lamps are not. Ceiling lights can’t be moved easily; lamps can be. If you are experimenting with different living room layouts and décor motifs/themes, then lamps are a great way to plug and play (pun intended) with different lighting styles and intensities.

Whether you’re looking for something as niche as modern living room corner décor or just need some darn good lighting, lamps are your friends. Save money, time, and energy by getting yourself some cool lamps!

Living Room Décor

Ah, the catch-all phrase: “living room décor.” How do you categorize all the little knick-knacks, paperweights, and accessories that make a living room feel like a room for living, rather than a room for display? We call it “living room décor.”

This is where you go after everything else. You’ve got a cool carpet, some swanky lamps, and some good centerpiece paintings for your wall. Now, you need to fill everything else in. That’s where general living room décor is your buddy.

Living room décor ideas

Decide on a theme for your décor (hopefully you’ve figured this out by the time you’ve gotten your carpets and paintings, but if you haven’t, now is the time). This theme, whether it’s modern minimalism, cottage core, or something else entirely, is going to be your through line for all of your little décor pieces.

If you’re looking for modern, small living room ideas, then a bright pink full-size flamingo wall print might not be your best bet; however, if you’re looking more generally for living room décor, maybe it’s a good idea. 

These decor items are the packing peanuts to your perfect living room. They should fill the blanks in and emphasize your centerpieces, not hog the spotlight or muddy the theme.

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