Modern Bathroom Décor Ideas That You Need to Follow This Season

Modern bathroom Décor ideas

Modern bathroom décor ideas are truly limitless. Modern bathrooms are typically defined by the combination of luxury and convenience, and that partnership can be achieved in a number of ways. 

When these two ideas meet, they create a timeless, classic look that makes for a bathroom you look forward to spending time in. 

Modern Bathroom Décor Ideas

To follow are some of the best modern and contemporary bathroom ideas to bring your space together in the trendiest and most stylish way. 

1. Farmhouse Chic

Modern Bathroom Décor Ideas

Farmhouse chic is all the rage right now, especially if you know how to pull it off with a modern twist. Modern bathrooms with a nod to the farmhouse style incorporate bold tiling, white walls, and lots of personality – but details like stark mirrors help balance the look and place the attention where it belongs. 

2. Cutting Down on Clutter

This isn’t exactly a bathroom design, but cutting down on clutter does help to make a bathroom feel organized, streamlined, and peaceful. To make this happen, make the most of hidden storage, shelving, and hooks. Group items together and put them on display in an aesthetically-pleasing way to add a dose of style and personality to the room. 

3. Use Natural Light

Use Natural Light in bathroom

Utilizing natural light is one of the best small modern bathroom ideas because it can make a cramped space look much bigger than it actually is. Accentuate the open space in your bathroom by welcoming natural light through sheer window treatments. 

4.Try Stripes

Stripes are one of the most versatile bathroom design ideas because they can be used anywhere you need them. Whether you want to go all out with striped wallpaper or keep it subtle with a striped hand towel, this pattern will update your bathroom in a refreshing way. 

5. Black Décor Accents

Bathroom Black Décor Accents

Utilizing black is one of the best bathroom designs because it modernizes the space in an instant. Consider black faucets, a black-rimmed sink, a mirror with black trim, and other black fixtures for a sophisticated and modern aesthetic. 

6. Statement Lighting 

Modern bathrooms usually have a piece of statement lighting that is highlighted above everything else. This brings attention to a unique and personality-filled aspect of the room, whether it’s a lampshade for an overhead fixture, vanity lighting, or a unique finish on the lighting hardware.

7. Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops in a lighter finish are all the rage for modern bathrooms. Not only are these countertops strikingly beautiful, they’re also incredibly durable – which means they’re perfect for a bathroom that sees a lot of activity. They don’t require much maintenance and they’re resistant to stains and scratches, too. 

8. Small Tiles

Penny tiles are often seen in traditional bathrooms, but they’ve recently made a comeback in fun designs and unusual colors – two details that do the work in modernizing a bathroom. Try out a zigzag pattern from the floor to the ceiling for a look that’s sleek and bold at the same time. 

9. Tub > Shower

Tub and shower

Your modern bathroom should be your sanctuary, and a great way to make it feel like that is to make the tub the central focus. In your crisp, white bathroom, try a clawfoot tub that’s surrounded by potted plants. You’ll feel like you’re far away from home, relaxing in a day spa. 

10. Use a Floating Vanity

If you’re looking for a stylish way to save space in your modern bathroom, a floating vanity is the way to do it. These décor pieces boast straight lines and hidden storage, which are two things that your contemporary bathroom needs to reach its full potential. 

11. Utilize Natural Materials

Utilize Natural Materials in Bathroom

By incorporating natural elements in your bathroom, you draw attention to elements that might not have received a second glance before. Try gold accents, wood details, and stone countertops for just the right amount of combined luxury and convenience. 

12. Patterns

White patterns with a shiny finish are the ultimate go-to for a modern bathroom, but if you’d rather try something with more pizzazz, you have the space to do so. Try a herringbone pattern for your floor tiles and colorful choices for those on your wall or in the shower, and you’ll introduce some modern flair. 

13. A Framed Statement Piece 

Modern Bathroom Décor Ideas

Keep your modern bathroom up with the times by incorporating a framed illustrated phrase or a graphic that’s colorful and playful. You might choose to hang this piece on the wall, or you might simply prop it against the vanity. Both options work for bringing your modern bathroom to life. 

Modernizing Your Bathroom

There are plenty of décor ideas that you can try with the goal of modernizing your bathroom and accessorizing it in a way that makes it both trendy and timeless. HomeLoft is your one-stop-shop to get many of these décor ideas, so make sure to stop by our website to see what suits you! 


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