Painting Tips and Tricks for Your Home

Mother & daughter painting home wall

If you’re a longtime (or new) homeowner, you likely know the urge to paint your home. Whether it’s because the previous owner’s taste in chartreuse wall paints is horrid or you just want to make your home more your own, the desire to do some DIY painting is a common one; common, as well, are DIY painting mistakes. So, how do you avoid making rookie mistakes, even if you are a rookie? Well, we’ve got some painting tips and tricks to help you answer that question.

Picking the Right Colors

The first step is to have a plan. You want to make sure you pick the right colors for your rooms, make a plan for painting said rooms, and stick to that plan. Having your paints planned out and chosen ahead of time will save you a load of pain and potential mistakes along your painting process.

Paint colors

For picking the right colors, decide on the theme you want to have for your room, and how the room should make you and your family feel when you’re in it. You may want warm dulux paint colors for living room color schemes, because these make you feel at home and comfortable. Meanwhile, having cool or earthy colors for your office spaces can help you feel focused and productive. 

Once you have your colors picked, nail down a plan for how you want to go about painting. Cover furniture in the target rooms, set up your painter’s tape, and go to town!

Painting Supplies

Also when you’re planning, ensure you get high-quality paint supplies. You want paints that are vibrant and will last, of course, but you also want good brushes, solid buckets, and whatever other paint rollers, roller trays, and other paint tools that you may need.

Painting supplies

Covering/Fixing Mistakes

There are some hands-on methods of fixing painting mistakes—like using a sander—but there are also some convenient ways of covering them up that can also work to further your room décor. Enter wall art. Between framed wall paintings, wall décor paintings, and more, wall painting décor can be an excellent way to both accentuate the walls you’ve painted and potentially cover up mistakes you’ve made.

And, if you want even more painting tips and tricks, check out the rest of our blog!

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