Stylish Interior Design For Home with Kids in Mind

Kids room décor

Home décor is hardly a breeze in a child-free home, let alone while keeping the comfort and safety of your children in mind. White or cream-centric room ideas must go out the window when you have a toddler in your home. Interior designs can err on the side of harsh and cold when not catered to the unique sensibilities of children. Get inspired by our guide to stylish interior design for home with kids. 

From your kids’ room décor to simple interior design tips with a child-friendly twist, we have everything you need to make your home beautiful, comfortable, and inspiring to young minds.

Frame Your Children’s Artwork

Children’s Artwork

Allowing the interior decoration to showcase your little one’s masterpieces allows them to feel present in all areas of the home, not just their bedrooms. It also can add bursts of charm and color to a room decorated with more neutral earthy tones.

Display Books Like Works Of Art

By storing your children’s books with the covers facing outward as opposed to the more traditional bookcase style. Your children are more likely to engage with their collection of literature, as they can clearly see the books and know immediately what they want to pick out.

From a design standpoint, the gallery-style bookshelf allows a constantly shifting display of art – the art on the cover of children’s picture books.

Branch Out From Pink And Blue

Astronaut kid playing

When picking color palettes for your children’s bedrooms, patterns and colors are highly encouraged, as they encourage curiosity and playfulness. Room décor ideas should not, however, be limited to the gendered colors of pink and blue. This design choice is a bit played out and lacks creativity, so we recommend that you think outside the box and choose a patterned peel-and-stick wallpaper before grabbing a can of pastel blue from the shelf.

Open Up The Floor Plan

Open floor plans make it easier for growing families to be all together, at the same time. Cooking a meal while toddlers play in a different area of the house can be stress-inducing for most parents. Open concepts allow parents to be in one area of the house while the children are in another. it still be able to keep an eye on them. With open concepts, we often recommend a neutral base with smooth bold accents to unify the space.

Win With A Wood Dining Room Table

little girl is painting with her mom

Wood, unlike glass or veneer, can handle having food all over it and does not have sharp edges. A rustic, well-worn wooden table makes it clear to all visitors that children reside in this home. It can get messy while enjoying a hearty meal.

Display Family Photos In Personal Spaces

Family photos bring each member of that captured memory joy. While it can seem like everyone’s gut instinct to plaster these images all over every corner of the home because they are personal. It is recommended that they be put on display in the hallway leading to family member’s bedrooms or on the wall of a playroom.

Put Your Children’s Rocks On Display

Girl is holding beautiful rocks

If you have a young geologist living in your midst, start rinsing off the rocks they bring home from the park. Showcase them on a shelf or table in your home. For an added bonding activity, have a rock decorating party to add a touch of kitsch to their stones.

Establish an “Adults Only” Room

Creating a space in your home that’s “grownups only” establishes healthy boundaries with your children. It also allows you an area that is all about your needs and desires. It is essential to practice self-care to have the energy necessary to care for children. A coffee nook or a meditation room can help you to do this.

Design Your Kid’s Bedroom to Grow With Them

Stylish Interior Design for Home with Kids

Toddler room ideas and kid’s bedroom ideas tend to fall under completely different categories, but they don’t have to be. 

When choosing your kids’ décor, it is important to style their nurseries with neutral colors that can be easily built upon as they grow from newborn to toddler to teenager. While a baby pink jungle scene might be precious when your daughter is small. She will likely grow sick of it by the time she is 7, let alone 17. 

The design choice of easily adapted base colors is also eco-friendly. It also saves you the money spent on repainting every few years.

Design With Kids In Mind At Homeloft

Whether you’re raising toddlers or teens, Homeloft is here to help. Providing furniture, wall art, and everything in between, Homeloft is here to take your interior design to new heights while honoring your children’s unique preferences.

To get started on revamping your children’s bedrooms, playrooms, and shared spaces, visit our online store today.

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