The Pros & Cons of Maximalist Décor: The Latest Design Trend of Décor

Maximalist décor for living room

If you’re someone who loves bright colors, busy patterns, and eclectic design, the debate of minimalist vs maximalist décor is no contest to you. Gone are the days of stark white walls and beige nurseries. This daring aesthetic is here to stay–but it’s not for everyone. 

There are specific pros and cons for embracing maximalist design that you should consider before incorporating it into your own home. But before we can get into that, we need to answer the question, what is a maximalist and how do they decorate? 

What is Maximalist Décor?

Beautifully decorated living room

Maximalism represents an aesthetic characterized by an abundant, vibrant, and eclectic style. It embraces bold colors, intricate patterns, diverse textures, and an excess of décor. It’s all about using your favorite designs without limitations, allowing you to express your individuality and personality freely. encourages the incorporation of various elements without strict

On the other hand, minimalism advocates for simplicity, clean lines, and a less cluttered environment. It favors space, neutral tones, and functional items, promoting a sense of calm and order.

When comparing minimalist vs maximalist design, they mainly differ in their design philosophy. Maximalists relish in an exuberant, layered, and diverse aesthetic. Minimalists opt for a streamlined, serene, and purposefully curated environment. In other words, maximalists prioritize lots of different colors and décor, while minimalists prefer a more serene layout. 

Pros and Cons of Maximalist Décor

large painting in living room

Now that we know what makes maximalism stand out, how do you determine if it’s the right aesthetic for you? By considering the pros and cons of this style, you’ll get a better idea of if maximalism is the trend for you. 

Maximalism Décor Pros

  1. Limitless Creativity: 

What makes maximalist interior design so fun is that they allow for creativity without boundaries. There are no strict rules, offering flexibility to experiment with various elements and styles. This freedom encourages innovation and unconventional combinations, leading to one-of-a-kind spaces. 

  1. Accessible Self Expression 

 Let’s face it—we’re not all expert interior designers. For people who want to have an active role in designing their home, but are scared off by more complex and expensive aesthetics, maximalism is a great choice. Maximalism is easy to understand and execute. 

You can easily apply it to your interests and passion. Love animals? Deck out your maximalist living room in different animal prints, fun graphic prints, and other themed knick knacks. Passionate about thrifting and retro looks? Maximalism is well suited to all your vintage finds. 

  1. Visibly Striking 
Different types of throw pillows on couch in a living room

Maximalist décor is an ideal way to create a space that instantly makes an impression. The eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and textures creates an environment that pops. Maximalist interiors often radiate energy, warmth, and a sense of liveliness, making your home feel inviting and exciting.

  1. Personal Value 

The eclectic nature of maximalist design evokes emotions and memories. It can create a space filled with items that hold sentimental value or memories, fostering a sense of nostalgia or happiness. It’s easy to add sentimental value into the home with maximalist décor. You can find a place anywhere for meaningful heirlooms or childhood objects. 

Maximalism Décor Cons

Maximalist Décor of home
  1. Overwhelming

Maximalist interior design is fun and bold, but it can also be an eyesore. A lot of people prefer a more streamlined, harmonious look to their homes, but maximalism emphasises the chaos. This aesthetic can also look cluttered or messy if not executed well. Although it’s easier to pull off than some other aesthetics, it still requires thought and some planning. 

  1. Difficult Upkeep

As great as all that eclectic décor looks in your home, it’s also adding to the list of things you have to clean in the house. For each fun knick knack, that’s 10 more minutes you’ll have to spend dusting each item. And when it’s time to do a deep clean like vacuuming or sweeping, you may find you have to practically disassemble each room to clean.


  1. Expensive 

Many maximalist home décor trends require you to spend a lot of money on new décor, wall art, and rugs. You may have to pay twice as much as you usually would on décor to accurately achieve the maximalist look on your home.

The Takeaway 

Maximalist décor for living room

Like any other design trend, maximalism has its advantages and drawbacks. Whether or not you adopt it comes down to your personal preferences. Maximalist décor is all about being bold, colourful, and zany. If that doesn’t fit what you enjoy, consider exploring other home design trends to find one that suits you. Whether you prefer maximalism or something more serene, Homeloft has you covered. Shop our extensive catalogue now for home décor finds to fit every aesthetic. 

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