The Ultimate Guide to Buy Glassware For Your Home

Cocktail glasses

A staple of a refined and well-stocked home is an exquisite collection of glassware. Whether your style is classic or a bit more eclectic. You’ll want to make sure you have several types of drinking glasses to cater to wine, beer, juice, and cocktail drinkers who may visit your home.

We’ve broken down everything you need to know about glasses. From types of drink glasses to custom drinkware, so you can have a cupboard fully stocked for any occasion.

Different Types of Drinking Glasses: The Basics

The types of glasses for drinking can be broken down into four categories: wine glasses, beer glasses, cocktail glasses, and juice or water glasses.

Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses

Because the bowl, stem, and shape of a wine glass influences the overall flavor of the wine. It is suggested that you acquire different types of wine glasses for both red wine, white wine, and champagne. There are some all-purpose wine glass options available for those who only wish to have one type of wine glassware. However, it is recommended your all-purpose wine glasses have a stem, as stemless wine glasses can cause white wines to get warm.

Beer Glasses

Beer Glasses

The shape of a beer glass can affect the quality and enjoyment of a beer, similar to wine. Unless you plan to run a brewery out of your home, having a different beer glass for every type of beer is unrealistic. A standard multi-purpose beer glass will do the trick, allowing guests to enjoy a cold and refreshing brew.

Cocktail Glasses

For your home bar, less is more due to your likely limited storage space. Most bars have a plethora of high and low-ball, martini, and Collins glasses, as well as copper mugs. Unless you are a Moscow Mule or Martini drinker yourself, a set of high or low-ball glasses will typically suffice in fulfilling your obligations as a host in your own home.

Juice and Water Glasses

Juice and Water Glasses

Among the types of drinking glasses available, glasses for juice, as well as water, are the most necessary, as you will be consuming these liquids on a daily basis. Your water and juice glasses should go with your kitchen’s overall aesthetic and should easily complement your dishes and cutlery.

Additional Glassware: The Fun Stuff

Now that you know the basic types of drink glasses you need for every occasion. It’s time to acquire some additional glasses for your home bar. These glassware items may only come out a few times a year, but their memories will last a lifetime

Martini Glass

Martini Glass

Not for the clumsy among us. Martini glasses allow the more sophisticated cocktail drinkers to smell, sip, and enjoy a crafted cocktail in the comfort of their own homes or while visiting with a friend.

Wine Goblet

These thicker, more intricately detailed glasses add an elevated glamour to your after-dinner glass. Their traditional look and feel go well with just about any décor style.

Shot Glasses

Shot Glasses

Whether you’re measuring shots to mix your own cocktails or entertaining raucous party guests. Shot glasses are a must-have in your glassware collection. 

Single Rock Glasses

Keep the scotch drinker in your life gleeful by greeting them with a pour from one of their favorite barrel-aged bottles, neat, in an easily holdable rocks glass.

Margarita Glass

Margarita Glass

With its famous big, circular bowl and salted rim, a margarita glass is a staple at the beginning of a night out. Comfortably carry and enjoy margaritas at home with the addition of this style of glassware.

Snifter Glass

Similar to a wine glass. This specialty glass for sipping brandy or whiskey features a tiny stem, making it easy to hold in your hand.

Champagne Flute

Champagne Flute

The delicate feel of this style of glassware is perfect for New Year’s Champagne Toasts, Bridal or Baby Showers, and more! Ideal for aromatic beverages, champagne flutes will also put a smile on the face of rosé or mimosa drinkers in your home.

Hurricane Glass

A staple in the home of New Orleans fanatics. This glass was designed to contain these fruity, high-alcohol beverages.

Pitcher Glass

Pitcher Glass

Whether serving up juice, water, ice-cold beer, or margaritas, a glass pitcher is an excellent addition to your collection for special occasions and entertaining large gatherings.

Copper Mugs

Known to keep your Moscow Mules perfectly cold, copper mugs are a great addition to your overall home bar offering.

Customize Your Glassware

Once you have acquired the basics or a full set of glassware for your home, you can add unique personal touches by customizing your glassware. There are several DIY options available, as well as services online and in your area that will happily decorate or label your glassware.

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Classic Glassware

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