Tips and Tricks for Dorm Room Décor This Season

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College life is a whirlwind of excitement and challenges. Your dorm room should be your safe space and home away from home, a place where you can be your true self. Dorm room décor can be hard to get right though, especially if it’s your first time moving out. Many dorm designs also on the small side, so it’s important to use the space you have wisely.

Need some dorm room inspo? We’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to curate a space that reflects your interests and personality. Keep reading for our top dorm room decorating ideas. 

Indoor Plants Galore

One big room décor trend we’ve been observing this season is the plant craze. While you’re away at school, it can be nice having something to care for like a plant. If you don’t have a green thumb, faux greenery is also another great option. If you do want to bring real plants into your dorm bedroom, look for beginner friendly varieties. Lucky bamboo, Hoyas, and succulents are all hardy plants that make good starter plants. 

If you’re looking for more preppy room ideas, try supplementing real plants with more faux greenery to give your dorm that greenhouse vibe. Hanging ivy vines are an especially popular pick, and they look great covering a blank wall. 

Perfectly Personalized 

Beautifully decorated couch with throw pillows and blanket

Personalizing your dorm room décor is the key to making it feel like your own cozy retreat amidst the bustling college experience. Start by infusing your personality through unique touches. Fill your dorm with sentimental items from home. Maybe you have a favorite pillow or Knick knack you could use.

If you want to truly embrace the preppy room décor trend, why not personalize through monogrammed everything? Putting your name or initials on towels, blankets, washcloths, and more is a fun way to customize your things. Plus, you’ll avoid any confusion with your roommate over what belongs to who.

Multi-Functional Décor 

Study table with chair and storage

Let’s face it—unless you have a really nice dorm (lucky you), you probably aren’t working with much space. Most dorm room designs are pretty small, so it’s important to be mindful of the décor and furniture you use.

To optimize space, opt for multi-functional furniture and décor. When it comes to decorations for bedrooms, keep it compact. Consider a loft bed with a built-in desk or storage underneath. Choose ottomans that double as storage units and can serve as extra seating. Wall-mounted shelves or pegboards to organize items can also save you floor space. A foldable table can function as a study desk or dining area, and is easily stored when you’re not using it.

Stylish Storage 

Stylish storage in dorm room

Like we mentioned, optimizing space is important in your dorm. You’ll want to make sure everything has its place by streamlining your storage.  Here are some fun dorm décor ideas for storage: 

  • Utilize chic baskets or woven bins to organize items under your bed or on shelves. 
  • Find colorful or patterned storage boxes that compliment your aesthetic 
  • Move storage to the wall with decorative hooks, wall-mounted organizers, and floating shelves. 
  • Use tiered storage carts to store your essentials 
  • Hit up thrift stores for cute finds on storage: you never know what you’ll find! 

Fairy Lights 

Beautiful lights in dorm room

Fairy lights, also just called string lights, are a staple in dorm décor. There are many dorm room décor ideas involving these versatile little lights. You can drape them over anything and achieve a dreamy, cozy atmosphere. Hang them under a loft bed, or cover your wall in sparkling white lights. You could also use them to accent your favorite décor pieces, like picture frames, wall art, or bed canopies. Those are just a few ideas – you can experiment with these tiny lights however you like. 

Wall Art Everywhere 

The walls are your canvas, and your dorm wall décor should reflect your unique personality and passions. There are lots of options when it comes to how you decorate the walls, if you choose to. 

You can hang canvas prints, wall decals, photo collages, posters, and much more. Many dorms have specific rules against inserting nails to the wall, so check to make sure your dorm building allows it first. If not, you still have lots of options that don’t require you to penetrate the walls. Set a corkboard against your dresser or desk, or use wall-safe tape to create a wall collage. 

Find More Dorm Room Décor Ideas at Homeloft

Dorm room décor

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of dorm room décor ideas. Remember, your dorm is your opportunity to experiment and have fun with interior design. Don’t be afraid to create a space that’s uniquely yours! 

Still looking for even more fun ideas? Homeloft has all the essentials and more for your dream dorm room. Shop our online store to find the perfect dorm décor to fit your aesthetic! 

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