Tips for Creating a Perfect Breakfast-in-Bed Setup


Whether it’s for an anniversary, a holiday, or just because you want to do something special, serving your partner breakfast in bed can be a great way to kick their day off with a sweet gesture of care. You may have plenty of breakfast-in-bed ideas, but as with so many shows of affection, planning the actual logistics can be daunting. 

The last thing you want is for them to spill something on their sheets or for the food to be cold by the time you plate it, so we’ve arranged some tips on how to go about setting up your perfect bed breakfast meal!

Morning Drinks

It’s always perfect to start out with a drink. Wake them up gently with their favorite coffee, tea or juice. They can enjoy that and get a little less sleepy while you put the finishing touches on breakfast.

The woman is drinking juice in the morning

This clues them into what’s going on and lets them get excited and prepare. Few people enjoy being woken up, even when it’s for a good reason, so let them sip on their favorite morning drink while you get the food and tray together.

Romantic Food

For the main course, you should cook whatever their favorite breakfast items are while keeping potential messes in mind. Pancakes can be awesome, but syrup on your sheets is not. You could include a fun pastry or another extra-special treat! The sky is the limit for romantic breakfast-in-bed ideas.

Romantic breakfast-in-Bed

Setting Up Your Tray

The hardest part of the whole process is the tray: getting a good breakfast table for bed meals can be hard. We recommend a sturdy breakfast-in-bed table to sit comfortably on their lap. Bigger is better here so you have space for some extra décor like flowers.

Be mindful of details. Adding doilies or a table linen can really elevate the entire experience. Bed tray décor ideas can be numerous, so decide on a theme or vibe and go to town! Plate decorating ideas can range from a garnish on the eggs to a special design with jam.

Setting up tray for breakfast

And of course, don’t forget the cutlery!

If you want even more decorating tips, check out the rest of HomeLoft’s blog.

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