Top 10 Holiday Décor Ideas This Season

A couple is decorating a Christmas tree

As the holiday season is rolling around once again, it’s high time to start decorating your home accordingly. There’s a lot that goes into decorating your home, so if you want to do the holidays right, you’ll need to have a plan. To get you started, we’ve put together a few of our favorite home holiday décor ideas!

1. Hang Up the Stockings

If you grew up in a family of holiday enthusiasts. You know the excitement of waking up on Christmas morning to open your presents and stocking stuffers. We believe that the holidays are all about reliving those childhood memories and passing them on to other family members. So don’t forget to hang up some stockings when putting your holiday accessories and décor together!

2. Combine Unique and Classic Décor

Generally, people either go for unique and modern décor or stick with the classics, but why not do both? Classic holiday decorations allow you to establish a nostalgic holiday feel in your home. While more modern décor options allow you to keep things fresh and interesting. By figuring out how to blend the two, you can create a home environment that’s perfect for the holidays, both familiar and exciting.

3. Deck the Halls

String lighting in living room

As clichéd as it may seem, decking out the halls in holiday décor is one of the best ways to get your house in season. There’s plenty of holiday décor that fits perfectly in a hallway, from string lights to holiday flora. (More on that later!) Now that the holiday season has rolled around again, get ready to turn those boring old halls into a holiday paradise!

4. Keep a Fire Burning

Nothing makes a home feel cozy during cold holiday weather quite like a roaring fire. If you have a fireplace, be sure to keep a fire burning to warm the place up, provide some comforting light, and create a bit of calming white noise for an irresistible holiday atmosphere. If you don’t have a fireplace in your home, though, don’t sweat it! Many video-sharing sites like YouTube have 24/7 fireplace live streams that you can tune into on your living room TV. While it’s not exactly the same as a real fire, it creates the same inviting and calming atmosphere that you can use as a backdrop for the rest of your holiday décor.

5. Traditional Holiday Flora

Traditional holiday flora makes a comeback just about every year, and for good reason! Holly, sprigs of pine, and poinsettias all add an unmistakable yuletide spirit to your home, so don’t be afraid to scatter a few throughout your home this holiday season.

6. Don’t Forget the Tree!

Christmas Tree

No holiday décor setup is complete without a tree, so be sure to give it a bit of extra attention when you get around to decorating. As one of the most important elements of holiday home décor, Christmas trees are the perfect canvas for you to let your creativity and decorating prowess run wild! Hang up all your favorite ornaments, some string lights here and there, top things off with a star, and you’re good to go!

7. Cozy Holiday Lighting

Lighting is a key part of creating ambiance, especially when it comes to holiday decor. Set up a few warm colored cozy lights around the house, and the atmosphere of your home will change completely. This change is just the thing you need to really complete that holiday aesthetic.

8. Christmas in the Office

Christmas doesn’t have to be isolated to your home; it can extend to your office space as well! Though the office has a reputation for being a dull, boring place, it doesn’t have to be in any season, least of all in the middle of the holidays. Just a few little desk toys and décor pieces here can make all the difference, so get decorating!

9. Go For a Natural Look

Holiday décor ideas

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important parts of the holiday aesthetic is a sense of comfort and coziness, and there’s no better way to do that than by going for a more natural aesthetic. Use rustic wooden holiday decorations and some of the aforementioned holiday flora when decorating, and you’ll be able to capture the feeling of sitting in a warm log cabin during a cold winter night.

10. Put Up Some Holiday Candles

To top off your perfect holiday décor, light some holiday-scented candles around the house. Just like the holiday lighting, scented candles are a subtle but effective way to create a sense of calm, comfort, and warmth.

Looking for more great holiday décor ideas tips, tricks, and products to get your house into the holiday spirit? Feel free to visit our site at HomeLoft today!

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