What is a Duvet? Everything You Need to Know

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Good bedding is crucial to ensure comfort and quality of sleep, and duvets are a sometimes-underused and often mysterious option for making your bed warmer, softer, and much more comfortable. But you’re probably asking yourself, “What’s a duvet?” Fear not, we have all the answers.

What are Duvets?

Duvets are a type of blanket that is similar to comforts but different in their make and purpose. Duvets consist of a duvet cover and a duvet insert. The duvet cover is what you actually see: it’s akin to a massive pillowcase, and has the designs and fabrics that you want to see and feel.

Duvet covers cover (who’d have thought that) the duvet insert. The insert is what gives the duvet its structure. It’s like the soft skeleton of the duvet. Without the insert, a duvet is like a sheet.

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Duvet vs. Comforter

As you can probably tell, a duvet is a more complex blanket than a comforter. A comforter is like a duvet insert and duvet cover combined into one blanket, meaning it requires less work and maintenance to clean and keep looking nice, but it is also usually less pretty and/or comfortable.

Since duvet inserts go inside of duvet covers, the covers can be as pretty and intricate as desired since they don’t have to also serve as the backing of the blanket. Since comforters serve as both designed bedspreads and comfortable blankets, they must be both semi-comfortable and presentable—and typically perform both roles less effectively than a full duvet. But comforters are easier.

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How to Keep Your Duvet and Duvet Insert Clean

Cleaning a duvet is relatively simple, but it can be more work than other blankets. First and foremost, always follow your specific duvets washing instructions. But a typical duvet can be washed like so:

  • Remove the duvet insert from the duvet cover.
  • Leave the insert on your bed or in a hamper and wash the cover. You want to ensure the insert stays relatively clean since you rarely have to actually wash it
  • Dry the cover, then reinsert the duvet insert.
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The hardest part is just getting the insert in and out! Otherwise, duvets are actually easier to clean than comforters and don’t require such big washer drums.

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