What is a Retro Home Décor Style- Interior Trends You Must Know

Retro home décor style

Are you tired of bland, minimalist home design? If you find yourself longing for eclectic patterns, colors, and shapes, retro modern interior design is for you. But what is the retro style? Also called modern vintage, this home design trend brings fun and nostalgia to the home. Basically, it refers to fashion, furniture, or any object from the 60s, 70s, or 80s. Some hallmarks of retro design include muted colors, heavy use of patterns, and nostalgic décor. But there’s more to retro interior design than lava lamps and weird shapes. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of the coolest retro home décor design trends you need to know. 

Memphis Design

Memphis Design in living room

Originally pioneered by the Memphis Group in Milan, Italy, this style was a hot trend in the 80s. Designers at the time wanted to break away from the tired, minimalist styles of the 60s and 70s. The end result was an unapologetically electric style of design. Memphis home design combines streamlined geometry with loud colors, and is inspired by both the art deco movement and pop art. In recent years, Memphis design has gotten popular again, as people look for ways to reinvent their homes and bring more fun, color, and kitsch into their lives. 

You don’t have to go scouring thrift stores to find authentic Memphis retro décor. Many original pieces are expensive and hard to find at a fair price. You can still find lots of beautiful pieces with the same characteristics as Memphis, though. Incorporate retro art into pillows, wallpaper, and rugs. Look for contrasting colors that pop, squiggly lines, and abstract geometric shapes. Curved light fixtures and geometric lamp-shades also add to the Memphis look.

Indoor Jungles 

Indoor jungle

Houseplants aren’t anything new to the world of interior design, but certain plants are a staple in modern vintage décor. Macrame plant hangers bring a relaxed, boho vibe to any retro room. If hanging plants are your thing, install some shelves on the wall for some retro planters and greenery. A lush indoor jungle look is especially popular in retro room designs. Here are a few ways you can switch up plants from the past for a modern twist. 

  • Put a classic Boston firm by the bathtub in a tall vase
  • Plant a Monstera deliciosa. This striking tropical plant also goes by the name of swiss cheese plant, and with good reason. It was a classic mainstay of home decor in the 70s. 
  • Install a hanging planter and let a spider plant grow. Despite the name, this plant is a lovely addition to the home. Its long leaves can trail down over the side like ivy. 
  • Embrace cacti and succulents. These once-underrated house plants are having their moment. They just so happen to fit right in with a retro, bohemian aesthetic. Their also low maintenance, and great plants for beginners. 

Bold Wallpaper

Bold Wallpapers

As part of the return of maxi minimalism, people are turning away from plain-Jane painted walls. The right wallpaper brings comforting clutter to a room, making it feel lived-in and exciting. Embrace the retro vintage look with saturated or muted colors, jungle prints, bold florals, and abstract geometric designs. There are endless possibilities when it comes to wallpaper–so much that you might find it a little daunting. 

If you love having more texture and patterns in a room but don’t want anything too crazy, you still have options. Try testing out a wallpaper on one section of the room, or just one wall. An accent wall is a stylish compromise. Repeat the wallpaper’s colors, patterns, or shapes through other décor and furnishings in the room for a cohesive, put-together look. 

Earth-Inspired Hues 

Retro Home Décor

Not a fan of bright, neon colors? You don’t have to be to appreciate retro! You can find plenty of retro designs that have reigned in the color with muted tones and neutrals. Earthy colors are especially popular, and they compliment any home well. Terracotta, marigold, dusty rose, beige, and sand colors add warmth without being in-your-face. Even shades on the “cool” part of the color wheel like green or blue will have a warm tint. 

While you can introduce earthy hues anywhere you like, they also look great wherever we go to relax. Try adding a few nature-inspired pillows to your sofa, or throwing a deep burgundy blanket over a chair. 

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