Your Laundry Room Organization Guide 101

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A messy laundry room can be irritating for people who prefer neat and tidy spaces. But with small rooms and/or large families, it’s difficult to work around the continuously growing pile of clothes on your floor. 

Organizing your laundry closet or laundry room is not a one-size-fits-all project. To make the most of the space you have available, you’ll need to take strategic measures. Survey your laundry room to get an idea of what can we do with it. Then follow these small laundry room organization ideas. 

Laundry Room Storage

Laundry Room Storage

When you’re limited on space in your laundry room, adequate storage becomes a lifesaver. In many urban and suburban homes, laundry rooms are quite small and outdoor hanging space may very well be nonexistent. 

Laundry room organization is the best way to get around this issue. Let’s say your home has high ceilings but limited floor space. Adding laundry shelves above your washer and dryer can make it a lot easier to store baskets of clothes out of the way.

If you’re dealing with the opposite problem, and you have enough floor space, installing laundry storage cabinets to house your hampers and detergents is also a smart move.

Laundry Room Accessories

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Plenty of laundry room accessories design to make having a confined laundry space a little easier. If you like to hang your delicates out to dry, but you live in an apartment, a wall-mounted drying rack can get the job done. then can stow out of the way when it’s not in use. 

A fold-away ironing board is also useful if you need to save space when organizing your laundry closet. 

If your laundry area is limited on both floor space and cabinetry, you might also choose to install racks, shelves, or small cupboards to hold your laundry accessories. A narrow, rolling storage cart might also be beneficial if you can fit it between your washer and dryer.

Some homeowners store linen and towels in their laundry closets or rooms. If you want to do this and save space at the same time. A towel organizer or shelf separator can keep all of your towels in one space. For linens, a set of compact baskets or bins will do the trick.  

Coordinated Hampers

Laundry room organization

Laundry hampers are one of the biggest components of laundry room organization. Unfortunately, they’re also one of the bulkiest items you need a place for. People with large laundry rooms likely won’t struggle with cumbersome baskets much, but those with smaller laundry areas will. 

Instead of buying big, plastic baskets, coordinate your laundry hampers so that they fit the room. Some hampers are made out of canvas and can collapse and store easily when they’re not holding clothes. 

Other hampers design to fit neatly into a cabinet, and for small spaces, some hampers double as a laundry-folding station and storage unit. 

For the sake of organization. Several laundry hamper units come with 2-3 compartments, which really simplifies sorting dirty clothes by color or fabric type. 

If you have very little cabinet or floor space for your laundry sorting system, hangable mesh laundry hampers might be worth trying. They can install on walls or the backs of doors to keep them out of the way.

Miscellaneous Space-Saving Tips

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When you happen to have cabinets, drawers, or closets in your laundry room. They might have been rendered unusable due to the other items you stored in these spaces. An easy way to create more storage and organization space in your laundry room involves removing things that don’t need to be stored there. Move some of those possessions to your other closets, your pantry, or your garage. That way, you can dedicate the space you have to its intended purpose. 

Also, some washers and dryers design with vertical space in mind. It means that one unit can safely stack on top of the other to reduce the amount of floor space the appliances take up. If you have front-loading washing and drying units with flat tops, consider stacking them.

If your laundry room came with a sink basin. You should measure the dimensions of it and buy a sink cover that turns the basin into a flat surface. From there, you can store containers in the sink when it isn’t in use, and you’ll have a built-in laundry-folding counter at the same time.

Making space in a small area takes a bit of creativity and innovation. In most cases, there will be steps you can take to create a more organized, accessible laundry room. Experiment with your options and find what works for you.

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