Your Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Styling

Guide to Kitchen Styling

Your kitchen design says so much about what kind of home cook you are. From kitchen art to cookware and furnishings, beautiful kitchens are not one-size-fits-all. We’ve compiled some of the most popular kitchen styling ideas all in one place so that you can transform some or all of these décor steals into the modern kitchen design of your dreams.

1. Unique Kitchen Wall Décor

Kitchen styling Décor

By simply including a few statement pieces throughout your cooking and dining space, you can inject your kitchen with a bit of your unique personality. A mirror, a quote, a print, or an original painting all tell their own story about the home chef who will be working in the kitchen. There are so many ways to decorate your kitchen wall.

2. Kitchen Storage Cabinet

Whether taking a rustic or a more modern approach to storage solutions, the bowls and containers that hold the ingredients you will be working with can add a lot of character and detail to your kitchen. From totes to ceramic pots, to mason jars – the kitchen storage possibilities are endless.

3. Cozy and Clean Aesthetic

Cozy and Clean Aesthetic kitchen

When living in a rental with shared kitchen space, it can seem impossible to add any charm to your kitchen. By installing simple storage solutions like overhead hooks and additional shelving, you can add an element of new eccentricity to a humble space by putting your kitchen utensils and mugs on display. 

4. Earthy With Bursts of Kitchen Color

Committing to a color palette for your kitchen dominated by more neutral colors like white, cream, grey, and earthy green allows elements like vibrant flowers, bowls of fresh fruit, and colorful plant pots to stand out within the design.

5. Icy Eatery: Kitchen Island Design

Icy Eatery kitchen

Granite countertops with silver details against white floors and walls create a dramatic and icy effect amongst more tired kitchen island decorating ideas. Marvel at kitchen decor that has all the magic of a snowy day while warm and cozy indoors, enjoying a delicious meal.

6. White Tile Walls: Elivate Kitchen Space

Perhaps one of the most popular new kitchen decor ideas, white subway-like tiles elevate a cooking space while creating a homey, laid-back aesthetic. Live plants, earth tones, and pastels all beautifully complement this beloved design element.

7. Rustic, Family-Friendly Warmth

Rustic, Family-Friendly Warmth Kitchen

It’s difficult to look at a kitchen design such as this one without imagining enjoying breakfast with your family before walking your kids to catch the school bus. The marriage of several shades of brown throughout the floors and furnishings creates a cozy atmosphere that is perfectly matched by the lighting fixtures for a kitchen that will have you longing for meals with your entire family.

8. Luxurious and Dramatic Vibe

Wood island accents coupled with dramatic black and white elements create a metropolitan aesthetic ideally suited for home cooks who relish in the finer things in life.

9. White, Sunny, and Open

White, Sunny, and Open kitchen

A clean and welcoming aesthetic is the first impression of a white-dominant kitchen design. Enchant your guests’ senses by adding subtle personal touches like wood details, eclectic art, scented candles, or live plants for a splash of fun amidst the clean white design elements.

10. The Royal Family Kitchen Decor

With its lush gray and gold tones added to a sunny white aesthetic, you can create a dining space fit for a king or queen. From large gatherings to intimate dinners, this design creates an elevated yet welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy each other’s company over food and drinks.

11. Rustic Metropolitan Ambiance Kitchen

Rustic kitchen decor

Combining design elements from both a cozy family kitchen and a sleek industrial design, this concept is a perfect fit for families with different tastes. Combine elements from both styles to create a kitchen that brings comfort and joy to all residents of your household.

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